The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

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The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostSat Aug 01, 2020 5:36 pm

Am I the only one who is shocked by this?
I have not had many teams, but I am amazed that people will RIG the game to such an extent...
I mean, I want to play and have a memory of fun and a memory of a classic team that we all do...
but, now I notice these guys that play Yankee stadium or any other Lefty favorable park, and load up on
Left handed pitchers and create teams that guess what, in the long run, there are no sweet memorable take-aways
Look, I get it, Winning is everything...but truth be told, I have kicked asses and had my ass kicked and frankly, both
are memorable.
I don't say these people should not exist....but i think we are at the point where some stadiums should
be excluded...or at the very LEAST...a league should form and ONLY invite these RIGGERS...
let them play against each other ONLY...cuz, by the way, I ONLY see 1 and maybe a 2nd in any league, so they
actually PREY on "unsuspecting" leagues...they need to be the ONLY RIGGERS for it to have the DEEPEST impact!!!
these dudes turn fantasy into a nightmare...there was a time when there was NO BALLPARK EFFECT, the way...
I suppose the RIGGERS would have no interest in THAT game!!
I'm trying to not be HATER, but also trying to say to them, we KNOW who YOU are AND what you are DOING
and you make it REAAALLLYYY impossible for me to tip my cap to you when u win ur games in GUILLOTINE stadium!!


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Re: The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostSat Aug 01, 2020 6:47 pm

I try to have flexibility in my starters so I can deal with teams that are one-sided. Sure he'll still have an advantage in his stadium, but you can mitigate some of that advantage. Furthermore, when he's in your stadium, he'll be at a disadvantage.

For example, in my current league, I was being challenged by a team who hit left-handed pitching much better than right-handed pitching (.273 .317 .401 versus .241 .290 .360). Down the stretch, I made sure he never saw a left-handed starter. I went 9-3 against him during this time and finished 8 games ahead. His team is the wild card, and I'm hoping they win their series so I can face him again in the finals (assuming I win my semifinal series of course!).

Also, you might consider adopting the attitude that this is a game and not a simulation. I remember another post with someone complaining about overuse of a player with limited at bats. To be competitive, you need to deal with the online game as it is. Otherwise, you will seriously handicap yourself by placing artificial (based on real life) restrictions on your play style.

Since you want to re-create realistic seasons, you might consider buying the Windows version of the game. The game engine is excellent for such replays and will give you the realistic results you crave. In the meantime, keep playing the online game for the competition.

One last thought: Having a heavily slanted stadium isn't the only, nor necessarily the best strategy. For example, I play the 60s mystery game, which has a limited number of top players. So, I always play a balanced stadium so I can always go for the best player, not concerned if he fits my stadium.


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Re: The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostMon Aug 03, 2020 6:33 pm

i appreciate the response...cuz that's ll i'm lookin for is acknowledgement...
frankly, I say it's anyone's right to do what they want....
but, in my league, most of the teams are .500 and the RIGGER sits at 10 games over
so. in my opinion, it;s a cheap tactic designed at winning but it also is predatory in nature
think about it, if he gets the strongest left handed starters for his park...he would be THE team
with this feature...the player pool could barely support a second...
and that is why they do it!!! to the rest of the unsuspecting teams

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Re: The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostFri Oct 09, 2020 2:13 pm

It's like those cheaters in MLB baseball who shift their infielders.

No real MLB team would build their team to fit their park, that's cheating.


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Re: The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostTue Aug 31, 2021 10:43 am

in ATG9 I created a team of all LTS, and second team of all RTS, and finally a third team of all switch hitters.
to my amazement the all LTS won the championship and other two teams did not do well.
I was shocked

hitters and pitchers were all lefties, just a fun theme team.


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Re: The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostTue Aug 31, 2021 2:59 pm

I've always said that managers have way too much freedom in this game. I think, to make the playing field equal, we should not be able to choose our ballpark, players, lineups, or settings. When this is the case, we can guarantee that every league will have a fair result, and will be protected against any nefarious strategizing to gain an advantage.


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Re: The Sour Southern Southpaw Conspiracy

PostTue Aug 31, 2021 9:05 pm

Unfair advantage my ass. With almost 6,000 cards to choose from, you could have TEN lefty teams in one league!

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