60's opening day and getting ready for the 70's

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60's opening day and getting ready for the 70's

PostThu Jan 21, 2021 11:23 am

I thought I'd post a note about all that is happening with both the 60's and 70's rounds over the next few days.

All 14 60's leagues are drafted and have had waivers completed. All leagues have an opening day of Monday January 25th. I am still waiting for 365 support to create the tournament website. This website will have a link to all of the leagues, the tournament rules, and the overall standings for all 168 participants that will update every day as we go through the tournment. This overall standings is the reason we take the time and effort to ensure all leagues have the same opening day - otherwise the standings lose meaning/value because you wouldn't know how many games played ahead or behind your competitors you are.

One of the unique features of this tournament is how fast paced it is with respect to moving on to the next round. There are two benefits of this from my perspective - managing multiple teams adds to the challenge, and staggering the rounds prevent this tournament from running for an entire calendar year. So we start each round 2-3 weeks after the previous one, which means it's time to start working on your 70's teams already! Please note that the 70's round will have NO DH this year in all leagues - we alternate this every year. You will NOT be in a 70's league with the same group as the 60's. I will run the randomizer again to determine the 70's league assignments. I will run and post the 70's league assignments at 7:00 AM ET on Monday January 25th. Probably by 8:00 AM ET Monday you will have received an email invitation to your assigned 70's league. Please keep in mind that the email goes to the email address that strat has on file for you. If that needs to be updated, please contact 365 support to correct to make this process smoother. Also, please check your junk folder for these messages, as that has happened to some I believe. By 12:00 PM ET on Monday, I will also send a private message to your inbox on this Discussion Forum page with your league assignement.

Slight change to the filling/drafting of 70's leagues
I am adapting a little to the new ways that leagues are drafted and the new tournament commissioner rights I have this year that weren't available last year. One small change from the way we did the 60's is this - 70's leagues can draft as soon as all of the correct 12 teams are loaded. In the past we have had closers wait until Saturday to join so that league opening days were 9 days later on a Monday, but I have the ability to set the opening day on all leagues to be Monday February 8th so we do not need the closers to wait any more. Leagues could draft as early as Monday or Tuesday if all teams jump in. I still want to make it clear that participants don't NEED to join their 70's leagues until Friday January 29th. We still need to be flexible with allowing people 5 days to get their team in without being pushed...but if everyone is in these leagues they can draft early and have a longer pre-season period. Despite this change, we will still need closers. Closers responsibility just becomes simply making sure the correct 12 teams are in the league before they set their team as "Ready for Draft".

Quick note about "Ready for Draft" feature
Once you have set up your draft list, don't forget about the step to set your team as "Ready for Draft". Please do this as soon as your draft list is ready (unless you are a closer). Also, please be aware that if you want to tweak your draft list after you've joined the league, you do not need to leave the league to make changes to your players and rankings any more, you just have to mark yourself as "Unready" for draft, make your changes, and then reset to "Ready for Draft". Closers - because of this "Ready for Draft" feature, you can join your leagues at any time. As a closer you just don't set as "Ready for Draft" until all correct 12 teams are in.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for the Commissioner's 2nd annual top 10 ranking of tournament participants coming before the start of the 60's round.

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Re: 60's opening day and getting ready for the 70's

PostFri Jan 22, 2021 12:50 pm


Thanks for your organized and transparent leadership.


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