Ranking Pmayers Before Auto Draft

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Ranking Pmayers Before Auto Draft

PostThu Oct 18, 2018 9:43 am

I am trying to play the first trial league of 365 football. The rules say you can rank players in you’re draft by dragging or using the darrow’s next to each player to move the rank up and down. It also says you will be asked to rank them once you have completed you’re team. I am not getting promoted nor do i see such arrows next to the players. I am just being asked to join a league. It seems that the step of ranking you’re picks does not exist. Is this because it is the free trial mode of the game? Or am i missing something i could do to enable my players to be ranked before joining a league?

Frank Bailey

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Re: Ranking Pmayers Before Auto Draft

PostFri Oct 19, 2018 2:22 pm

I don't remember whether or not the trial league autodrafts work the same as regular leagues, but I think they do.

It is a three-step process. When you open your team, first you fill out your roster, filling in all the positions. When your roster is complete, the system takes you to a page that allows you to rank your selections. This is where you can use arrows or drag-and-drop to rank your choices for the autodraft. Then you click on Join A League.

I think when you start a free trial team, it takes you through the same process. If you are having troubles, go to the Info/Help tab at the right end of the toolbar on the top of your teams page. Under that tab is a Contact Us button that will open an e-mail box to Strat so you can send them your question. Generally, they answer within a day or so.

Also under Info/Help is a tab for game rules. That might help answer some questions.

Good luck.

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