joe jackson stealing

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joe jackson stealing

PostFri Jun 09, 2017 12:06 pm

I have used him twice and in two seasons he has stolen 40 bases and been thrown out 40 times. Two questions, if you set him to do not steal will he not get picked off, and second are those pick offs included in the thrown out stealing stat.


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Re: joe jackson stealing

PostFri Jun 09, 2017 5:07 pm

Pickoffs are NOT included in caught stealing stats.

This is why I almost always set those 2 or 3-(20-6) guys to do not steal--they will get picked-off more often than they get a good lead--and remember when a pickoff attempt is made by the pitcher--it is the second number that is the safe or out number--in the example above 6--so he has a 30% safe, 70% out on the pickoff attempt.

If you set him to do not steal, he will not be picked off with the possible exception of a hit & run where the batter missed the pitch, or a suicide squeeze play where the batter missed a pitch and a steal attempt must be made.

I very seldom play ATG, but looking a Joes cards I would actually prefer the 1919 card stealing wise as the others have auto-outs.

Also what few ATG teams I've had, nearly everyone one has a catcher with a great arm.

If you leave the stealing boxes unchecked and go conservative on stealing (still set the poor stealers to do not steal)--success percentages will go up, but stealing attemps will go down quite a bit as the AI won't attempt a steal unless the odds are high for success--and seldom will there be an attempt to steal 3rd.

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