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Card Reading Question

PostSat May 21, 2022 1:40 pm

If a player is listed as W Power, but shows 0 for 1 on Ballpark FX on the Misc Tab, does that mean that Can NOT be his year?

More specifically, talking about Dykstra in the 90s game. He was injured by a GB against a righty, meaning it is 92 94 or 95. 92 and 94 he is listed as Power N. 95 he is listed as Power W against righties. Technically, he is Pwer W in 94 against lefties, but he only has 11 ABs against lefties, so lets assume that away for a second.

He is shown as 0 for 1 on Ballpark FX (unfortunately sont think there s a way to tell if that 0 for 1 was against L or R). Assuming it was against a righty, can I eliminate 95 as a year. Or, as a Power W would a BPHR on the pitcher card always show up as a 0 for 1 anyway.

By the way, he has no BPHRs on these cards.

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