Top 9, last man standing, Labratory

the official tournament of the All-Time Greats VI player set

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Re: Top 9, last man standing, Labratory

PostSat Nov 28, 2020 4:07 pm

Has the jinx started already?
Before last year's finals, Cristano said I was "eternally overrated". This post is just adding to the overrating.

Congratulations to Grazoontite for grabbing the highest point total this year. It's hard to fathom a new manager grasping all of HAL's quirks without any prior experience. I have noticed that Grazoontite's team makeup looks very familiar when compared to a well known manager from BS tournaments past.


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Re: Top 9, last man standing, Labratory

PostFri Dec 18, 2020 12:36 am

I hope this does not add to the jinx but my money is on labrat this year to. he was in two of my events a tough player. as for the mystery player... we all pretty much know who it is.. good luck to him as well as all the other competitors. :D It definitely was a learning experience and a fun event. i will have to work on the higher payrolls but I am ready to try again :geek:

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