Barnstormers and the "invite" feature. Waiting for Semi's.

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Re: Barnstormers and the "invite" feature. Event #6 next

PostWed Sep 09, 2020 1:35 pm

All live draft leagues are full. 5 leagues waiting to kick off NEXT WEEK. The two who did not enter in time will revert back to autodraft.

The AUTODRAFT invites will go out on Friday this week. That's 154 that did not get into the Live Draft. A randomization will be requested on the main ATG forum to get the players scrambled. The random request will be matched up against an alphabetical list of the 154. 14 players will be invited per league (overinvited) to the autodraft leagues that will be created and INVITES sent out. Probably Friday during the day.


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Re: Barnstormers and the "invite" feature. Event #6 next

PostThu Sep 10, 2020 4:22 pm

Thanks for the on-the-fly change to incorporate "over-inviting". I think that mitigates many of the timing issues and incentivizes/satisfies the early birds simply and fairly.

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Re: Barnstormers and the "invite" feature. Waiting for Semi'

PostThu Sep 17, 2020 3:15 pm

It's more labor intensive. I have to INVITE those #13 and #14 who failed to join to "other" leagues and then "other leagues again" because the same old foot draggers continue to be a "drag".

Event 6 was put to bed and now we wait for the Semi's. Today or tomorrow I will try to get the final "stadiums used to date" updated and can warn potential violators. We still have time to get changes made by SOM by Monday.

Dont forget, if you have played in all 6 events you will NOT be gaining any more points until you reach the win total of your LOWEST event.

Final totals, the 2020 Tour started with 248 players. We finished with 203 who "stuck it out" until the end. Thank you to players who played for fun even though you were not able to have a shot at advancing.

Top 81 players will advance and get a free credit to play either the top 9 finals or the (3) 24-team semifinals. Looks like a dogfight for the Top 9 - anything can happen and also looks like BruceF is losing his runaway leadership as he is being closed in on. Thanks to everyone who played this "Covid" Barnstormers Tour. Can we top 248 for 2021 ?

Thanks to SOM for the INVITES feature. It does offer a ton of benefits to ALL theme league organizers. Yes, leagues no longer fill in hours or 1 day but they DO fill in 2-3 days and Barnstormers fills faster OVERALL than it did before. OMG with INVITES and the SOM LIVE DRAFT APP working to near perfection, look how far they have improved things for us. Really I hope every one of you appreciates all the ATG and STRAT ONLINE changes. We have ATG9 now, no more super reliever issues, I really think they have given us a fantastic product ! And we have solved cherry picking leagues !!

I am going to come out with a POLL for the 200 Mil event at some point in time. I want to get the MEMBERSHIP to justify it's continuation for 2021.

Thanks for stopping by the tour this year - see you in the Semi's OR in 2021.


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