How do standings points work in Event 6 ?

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How do standings points work in Event 6 ?

PostSat Aug 31, 2019 3:34 pm

For those of you playing all 6 events (most of you) - the main standings page may be something you may be visiting often if you are in the running to make the semi-finals or make it into the Top 9 for the bye to the Finals. Event 6 is handled differently. You will not see any points added to your total UNTIL your Event #6 wins is MORE than your win total for your LOWEST SCORING event. Once your event 6 team reaches that level, points will be added for wins.

This is how the "drop lowest event" works. Of course if your event 6 win total is lower than your lowest event, it becomes your "drop low".

Thanks - Moose


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Re: How do standings points work in Event 6 ?

PostFri Nov 01, 2019 4:13 pm


Yes when I win 18 more games I'll finally surpass my 71 win team - what chances do you tnink the Puny Humas have????


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