2017 Semi-Finals and Finals preview

the official tournament of the All-Time Greats VI player set

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2017 Semi-Finals and Finals preview

PostThu Sep 14, 2017 4:58 pm

What happens next ? The first thing you will notice that if you have played in every event so far, your event #6 team is NOT gaining any points. This is due to the "drop low" part of the rules. Once your event #6 team has surpassed the number of wins of your LOWEST SCORING event, it will then start adding more points (WINS) to your total.

So now we wait until Event #6 winds down and the playoffs conclude. Once the final totals are known, we look to both the Top 9 players and the Top 57 players. If there is a tie for either of these spots, tiebreaker rules may be needed to determine who made it and who didn't.

The Top 9 go directly to the Championship League. More on them in a bit.

Positions 10 through 57 will go into 3 autodraft 100 Mil DH - Semi-final leagues as follows.

Positions 10-15 and 28-33 will go into a 12 team - 100 Mil DH - SemiFinal #1
Positions 16-21 and 22-27 will go into a 12-team - 100 Mil DH - SemiFinal #2
Positions 34-57 will go into a 24-team - 100 Mil - DH - SemiFinal #3

All semi-finals leagues will use automatic division randomization, just as regular events are randomized.

For the semi-finals, you may use ANY STADIUM you want - you NO LONGER have to abide by the groupings rules. We want your BEST TEAM for this event.

The World Series Champion for each of these three leagues will advance to a position to the Championship League ! Most WINS in their season takes position 10, next highest - position 11 and finally, lowest wins during the semifinal takes position 12.

SOM will be donating a free credit to everyone who makes the Top 57 !! This was negotiated at the beginning of the Barnstormers campaign as long as the membership reached and stayed at specific levels, and YOU DID IT !

The Top 9 players will each be polled in Final position order for which of four league formats they choose for the Final event - 80 or 100 Mil / DH or NO DH - AND what Live Draft position they want to choose from (1-12). Players 10-11-12 will also make their choice once they have been declared the winner of their semi-final and their finish position is finalized.

The Championship Finals will be live drafted on "Diamond Dope" with a 3-hour time per pick. The draft will consist of 15 core players and a stadium must also be drafted during the live draft. Again, choose any stadium, so long as you live draft it before anyone else. Your other 10 players (bench) will be autodraft. If you're new to Diamond Dope, we can create a practice draft to get you familiar with it. I have a lot of other tips kept over the years for how this works.

Any questions ?

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Re: 2017 Semi-Finals and Finals preview

PostSat Nov 11, 2017 12:27 pm

Right at the moment, Event 6 playoffs are ongoing. Once all Event #6 Champions show up in the main standings page and I feel comfortable that all points have been awarded and the points are finalized and correct, I will organize the Semi-Finals and get the Finals vote underway.

Contrary to last year, I won't sit down with spreadsheet and predict the Top 9 / Top 57 early. A mistake in this caused too many headaches last year.

So for you semifinalists that appear to be locked-in - stand by middle to latter part of next week for your assignments.

Thanks !

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