2017 Event #6 preview - final event

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2017 Event #6 preview - final event

PostWed Aug 02, 2017 6:31 pm

Event #5 has been put to bed. The "link to all leagues" has been updated through Event #5 and the "ballpark groupings used" have also been updated to event #5. A couple of penalties were assessed for Event #5.

Event #6 is next and it will be a 100 Mil DH event and will be the final event before the semi-finals which will be players finishing #10 through #57 in the standings. There will only be one start date for event #6 so that everyone will finish at the same time and it will be easier to get a finalized list of the Top 57.

There will be NO LIVE DRAFTS at 100 Mil, it will be ALL Autodraft leagues. First pitch in this event will be Sept 11, so that means that autodraft leagues will be created on Sat Sept 2 or Friday Sept 1 (late). Yes, we are loading around Labor Day, but this is unavoidable. You'll have both before and during and after Labor Day to get your team in.

One thing you will notice after you start playing event #6 games is that - IF YOU HAVE PLAYED IN ALL OF THE PREVIOUS 5 EVENTS, you will NOT start accumulating points for wins UNTIL you reach the number of wins of your lowest wins team in Events 1-5. Once your event #6 team reaches that total, points will again start getting added to your point totals. That's how the "drop low event" works.

If there are any questions, please let me know. - Moose

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