2017 Event #4 preview - 200 Mil !!!

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2017 Event #4 preview - 200 Mil !!!

PostFri Jun 09, 2017 10:31 am

The "love it or hate it" event will be up next. Salary Cap 200 Mil, DH.

It will be optional to use SOM Live Draft for this event. Last year there were 2 Leagues that were dedicated for those that want to Live Draft. With more players this year, we may have 3. It's up to the interest level. The times that I feel are most appropriate is during the week, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday - and since we have people from all over, I have set the time as 7 PM PST / 10 PM EST as the time for these live drafts. You let me know (once I send out the Event invites) which league you want, and those get created.

We will try to get a thread started for 200 Mil tips and strategies so that we can all get up to speed on what to do to be successful in this event.

A few have sat out this event in the past but remember you will lose your ability to drop your lowest scoring event.

First pitch on Event #4 will have start dates of July 3 and July 10. The autodraft leagues are expected to open for business on June 24 and the three days of Live Draft should be June 27-28-29. I know that independence day is thrown in there but most of you should be ready for first pitch with your team by then.

I just updated the "Stadiums used to date by Groupings" thread, to help you plan your strategies on what stadium you should be considering for this event.

Any questions on the tour so far ? Let me know.


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