DD Draft- Tutorials?

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DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostThu Jan 19, 2017 3:12 pm

I have never done a DD draft. Are there instructions available anywhere? Do I need to set up a user name on that site or is it our SOM365 info? I just want to be prepared for when we start having to draft and not mucking up the process.


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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostSat Jan 21, 2017 6:01 pm

This was from Moose in before the 2015 finals:

Since we have players that have not done live draft, I kept this document of live draft tips. Remember that proxies are OFF BY DEFAULT – you have to turn them on for them to work.


Live Draft things to know.

Gentlemen, the first thing you will learn is that if you are up, meaning it’s your turn to pick, after you search for a player, instead of every player having “PROXY” on them, it will say “MAKE PICK” – clicking make pick and that player will be played as your current pick and the draft will move on to the next player. If it is NOT your turn, all players searched for will say – PROXY. Once you select proxy, the player will go on your proxy list. He will be listed at the top of your proxy list and will be played next when it is your turn.

Also, notice that BY DEFAULT once you have proxied a player, your PROXIES ARE NOT ON – you actually have to click the ON button and then SAVE. This has tripped up many a draft. Players painstakingly setting proxies only to have them not fire because you never turned them on. This will be hammered into the heads of every player once we get the finals started.

Once you proxy a player, they will be listed as PRIORITY 0 GROUP 0 – all subsequent players will ALSO have this assigned to them (0,0) until you set their priority and or group. If you never change their priority or group, players will be played from the top down. You can ASSIGN a Priority and group and then click SAVE and this will order your selections. Priority 0 will be played before priority 1 and 2 and 3 and so on. GROUP 0 within a priority will be played before group 0 priority 1- once you click save, it will put the players into YOUR order.

Let’s say you want a strong pitcher but you only want ONE strong pitcher – pick one at 0,0 / 0/1 / 0/2 but #0 is your first choice. If you get him, you don’t want the other two. So for 0/1 and 0/2, you put YES on the tab for REMOVE IF GROUP PICKED. So you get your 0/0 pick and the other two pitchers will be REMOVED from your proxy list. Remember to click SAVE after you change the dropdown box to YES.

If you don’t do this, say you are on the turn, meaning you get two picks in a row at #1 or #12 – two pitchers is what you will get – like it or not. You can drop a pick, but someone else will have to approve the drop and it’s a pain in the neck.

Likewise, priority 0 will always be taken before priority 1 so if you want to make this useful, lets say you want a shortstop first and THEN a second baseman second – set your shortstops at priority 0 and your 3rd baseman at priority 1. – etc on down the line.

You don’t HAVE to set priority and group but I have seen live drafts complete in two days, so you know that in this case, players are making good use of proxies.

A couple of other things. Below I said you will see MAKE PICK – this is incorrect, it will just say “DRAFT”. (But you knew that)

Yes, the live draft site is PAINSTAKING SLOW. – Sometimes I can drop Adrian a note to reboot the site, but I might also say that the site is RELIABLY SLOW. In other words, once you get used to it, you know how long it takes to proxy a player, so have a cup of coffee nearby.

The finals live draft will have the clock set for 3 hours, AFTER we get through the first round. This is just to be sure that all players are in place. Once I turn the clock on for 3 hours, it will also turn off by itself “EVENINGS and WEEKENDS” – we don’t know the exact times. What this means to you is this…..

If a players clock has run out and he has not picked yet, he may be skipped. This is not done automatically. In order to skip a player to move the draft along, the player up AFTER the expired clock player must cast a MANUAL (“DRAFT”) PICK. Then and only then will the draft continue to move along firing off proxies. There is one exception to this. If you are ON THE TURN meaning you are at #1 or #12 in a place where two picks will be made, then skipping a player does not seem to work. Adrian knows about this and does not care to fix it. Nothing we can do, and for this reason – LIVE DRAFTS were removed from being a part of a regular Barnstormers tour event. – We simply cannot have a flawed live draft application affecting us in this way.

Skipping a player is generally only really practical once we get into the later rounds where all you have left is bench and garbage players. Of course since you are only picking 15 players, even those later round players will have a place for you. But you can see that to do a manual skip on a player in the early rounds, say the third round – well – I would just rather this not be done. I can’t stop you and I don’t want to put a rule in on that, but generally, let people play their early rounds without being skipped. Or keep me informed on the status of your draft by e-mailing me or dropping a note in your forum thread. I will make a ruling.

For the FINALS, everyone here is more mature and we have a far less chance of anyone disappearing during the draft and going AWOL. People – use your forum thread if you are going to be away, tell everyone that you are going to grandmas house for the weekend and you will not have internet access and that you have set a ton of proxies. Then at least everyone knows what is going on when your clock runs out.

The problem turns to extreme frustration when we have multiple NEWBIES in a draft who simply will not use proxies AT ALL and you can see that they are making every pick a manual pick. In this case, there is a lot of hair pulling and mashing of teeth during a live draft and the draft can go 7-14 days to complete. – I have seen live drafts done in TWO DAYS when everyone is making proxies. This is what I expect from a group of mature players like who will be in the finals and yourselves. Of course, every draft is different.

Also, be reminded that you must pick a stadium and they are listed in the dropdown for pitchers and batters – etc. Since you will have to draft your stadium, it is up to you to decide how important your stadium is and when to play it. If you gotta have a particular stadium, better make it higher on your list. One other thing, if you fail to draft a stadium, you will have to forfeit one of the picks you made and do a DROP on that player, then someone else will approve it and then you can manually “pick” your stadium. All players must have one stadium drafted in the live draft.

The live draft site will not let you proxy a player that would put you over the CAP. In this case, the live draft site knows you will have 10 bench players at maximum fifty cents (.50) each, so this would be 95 Mil in a 100 Mil league. If you try to proxy a player that will put you over the cap, that proxy pick will be ignored and that player will not be placed on your proxy list. Be aware, in live draft money goes fast and you can wind up with a lot of high priced players by mismanagement of your money. Best bet is to keep a team open side-by-side and draft on a real SOM team while you are making proxy picks.


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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostSun Jan 22, 2017 2:19 pm

This is excellent. Thank you.

One other question. How does one go about getting a logon username and password?

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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostSun Jan 22, 2017 10:29 pm

I can setup a user account for you. Thanks Lab for posting the cheet sheet. It will get e-mailed to all participants anyway. I made it a point to keep that after it took a long time for me to find that info that I sent a few years ago. Thank goodness my mailbox sent items goes back over 5 years.



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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostMon Jan 23, 2017 1:22 am

Is there a way to get access to previous year Finals drafts? I went back to last year's thread, and besides the fact that people terribly need French lessons :lol: :lol: , the only info I could grab was that Koufax was picked up first.

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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostMon Jan 23, 2017 1:24 am

If I can get to the draft, I will export and post the draft from 1 to the end.

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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostMon Jan 23, 2017 1:34 am

It may format a little ugly but it's functional.

Footnote - rburgh won this league and the Barnstormers 2015 Title.

Sandy Koufax BruceF
Arky Vaughan boyer14
Honus Wagner DonFESQ
Walter Johnson cristano1
Babe Ruth Outta Leftfield
Kal Daniels rburgh
Ty Cobb bigbadboog
Dale Murray sociophil
Vean Gregg Hendrix08
Barry Bonds Morpheus
Ralph Kiner Rosie2167
Greg Maddux labratory
Pedro Martinez labratory
Babe Adams Rosie2167
Manny Ramirez Morpheus
Ted Williams Hendrix08
Tris Speaker sociophil
John Beckwith bigbadboog
Bruce Sutter rburgh
Eddie Mathews Outta Leftfield
Ed Walsh cristano1
Eddie Collins DonFESQ
Lee Smith boyer14
Pete Alexander BruceF
Dutch B. Leonard BruceF
George Brett boyer14
Joe Jackson DonFESQ
Nap Lajoie cristano1
Reggie Jackson Outta Leftfield
Home Run Johnson rburgh
Luis Tiant bigbadboog
Rickey Henderson sociophil
Bill Dahlen Hendrix08
Bill Dickey Morpheus
King Kelly Rosie2167
Joe Morgan labratory
Sam Thompson labratory
Gates Brown Rosie2167
Eddie Stanky Morpheus
Eddie Yost Hendrix08
Willie McCovey sociophil
Dazzy Vance bigbadboog
Oscar Charleston rburgh
Jim Gentile Outta Leftfield
Josh Gibson cristano1
Willie McGee DonFESQ
Ted Kluszewski boyer14
Lee Mazzilli BruceF
Phil Weintraub BruceF
Stan Musial boyer14
Frank Chance DonFESQ
Ken Smith cristano1
Sam McDowell Outta Leftfield
Butch Henry rburgh
Harry Heilmann bigbadboog
Martin Dihigo sociophil
Bid McPhee Hendrix08
Hippo Vaughn Morpheus
Phil Bradley Rosie2167
Darren Daulton labratory
Duke Snider labratory
Mike Kreevich Rosie2167
Richie Ashburn Morpheus
Earl Averill Hendrix08
Jesse Orosco sociophil
Earle Combs bigbadboog
Tim Scott rburgh
Randy Johnson Outta Leftfield
Joe Kelley cristano1
Ed Delahanty DonFESQ
Shano Collins boyer14
Ross Barnes BruceF
Hugh Duffy BruceF
Norm Charlton boyer14
Kiki Cuyler DonFESQ
Bobby Wallace cristano1
Yogi Berra Outta Leftfield
Jim Thome rburgh
Rube Waddell bigbadboog
Kirby Higbe sociophil
Johnny Mize Hendrix08
Paul Lapalme Morpheus
Hughie Jennings Rosie2167
Johnny Klippstein labratory
Tom Gordon labratory
Guy Hecker Rosie2167
Dick Ruthven Morpheus
Johnny Blanchard Hendrix08
Rogers Hornsby sociophil
Baby Doll Jacobson bigbadboog
Willie Stargell rburgh
Mel Ott Outta Leftfield
Raul Mondesi cristano1
John McGraw DonFESQ
Ben Oglivie boyer14
Roy McMillan BruceF
Tony Phillips BruceF
David Ortiz boyer14
Mickey Cochrane DonFESQ
Jimmy Wynn cristano1
Larry Doyle Outta Leftfield
Sean Berry rburgh
Cristobal Torriente bigbadboog
Dennis Bennett sociophil
Ed Ott Hendrix08
Lou Gehrig Morpheus
Slim Jones Rosie2167
Bobby Adams labratory
Luis Arroyo labratory
Marius Russo Rosie2167
Jeff Nelson Morpheus
Mike Marshall Hendrix08
Lance Parrish sociophil
Steve Carlton bigbadboog
Terry Harper rburgh
Turkey Stearnes Outta Leftfield
Juan Marichal cristano1
Joe Sambito DonFESQ
Mariano Rivera boyer14
Gene Clines BruceF
George H. Burns BruceF
Jose Cardenal boyer14
Andy Hassler DonFESQ
Bill Terry cristano1
Mike Caldwell Outta Leftfield
Jason Giambi rburgh
Ted Simmons bigbadboog
Luis Aparicio sociophil
Jim Brewer Hendrix08
Goose Gossage Morpheus
Frank E. Thompson Rosie2167
Johnny Callison labratory
Glenn Wright labratory
Bobby Morgan Rosie2167
Bob Thurman Morpheus
Ray Sadecki Hendrix08
Leroy Matlock sociophil
Bill Doran bigbadboog
Randy Myers rburgh
Jim Kaat Outta Leftfield
Jose Oquendo cristano1
Frank Linzy DonFESQ
Willie Randolph boyer14
Carney Lansford BruceF
Frank Duncan BruceF
Don Larsen boyer14
Mark Clear DonFESQ
John Tamargo cristano1
Bob McClure Outta Leftfield
(15,11,16,2) League Park '34 rburgh
(12,9,1,7) Comiskey Park '60 bigbadboog
Kirk Rueter sociophil
Lou Piniella Hendrix08
Wayne Belardi Morpheus
Tom Hall Rosie2167
B.J. Surhoff labratory
Gil Heredia labratory
Johnny Bassler Rosie2167
(9,9,17,2) Penmar Park (NeL) '47 Morpheus
(14,14,19,4) Sportsman's Park '20 Hendrix08
Robin Ventura sociophil
Ron Perranoski bigbadboog
Bullet Joe Rogan rburgh
Tony Fernandez Outta Leftfield
(5,16,1,1) Forbes Field '54 cristano1
John Ward DonFESQ
(3,3,19,4) Shea Stadium '71 boyer14
Ty Gainey BruceF
Luke Appling BruceF
Pete Browning boyer14
(7,7,0,0) Griffith Stadium '41 DonFESQ
Cookie Rojas cristano1
(10,9,19,5) Yankee Stadium '56 Outta Leftfield
Dave Giusti rburgh
Fred Frankhouse bigbadboog
(11,11,20,20) Baker Bowl '32 sociophil
Mel Parnell Hendrix08
Danny Cater Morpheus
(8,8,0,0) Forbes Field '09 Rosie2167
(16,6,10,1) Dunn Field '20 labratory
Russ Snyder labratory
Billy Wagner Rosie2167
Luis Leal Morpheus
Babe Herman Hendrix08
Matt Sinatro sociophil
Sam Zoldak bigbadboog
Jack Pfiester rburgh
Willie Aikens Outta Leftfield
Addie Joss cristano1
Ed Farmer DonFESQ
Jim Rooker boyer14
(1,1,1,1) Petco Park '05 BruceF


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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostMon Jan 23, 2017 8:34 am

mighty moose wrote:I can setup a user account for you.


Thank you! That would be great.

I have 2 goals for the Finals. To not embarrass myself and to not muck it up for everyone else. Doing well would be a bonus.

To paraphrase the Great Nuke LaLoosh. "I'm just happy to be here. Hope I can help the Tourney."

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Re: DD Draft- Tutorials?

PostThu Feb 08, 2018 2:19 pm

Bump to the top for the 2017 finals draft.

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