Dumping players will get you in big trouble.

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Re: Dumping players will get you in big trouble.

PostFri Aug 25, 2017 3:21 pm

Tried to email this to Mighty Moose but the email got kicked back so I'll post it. Just an explanation of recent roster changes that (hopefully) indicate I'm not just a self-sabotaging idiot (rather, an idiot in the draft):

I'm guessing this isn't as much of an issue given the $140m cap, but just in case it raises any eyebrows I wanted to explain the roster changes I just did for Darwin Barniequests2 in Event #5 league 10.

Went from $5.49m Campanelle/ $4.27m Delancey platoon to the $7.51m Campanella full time card. Puts more dollar value in my starting lineup plus Delancey sucks I never should have drafted him; I was getting too cute with my roster.

Dropped Herb Score (7.91) for Hal Newhouser (7.24). Herb was the wrong card for my power-heavy ballpark and division - giving up 38hr in 99 innings.

Switched out Suggs for Wilcy Moore to make the above possible.

I realize in-season roster changes are generally a loser's game but I wanted to explain my rationale. -matt

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Re: Dumping players will get you in big trouble.

PostFri Aug 25, 2017 4:05 pm

Thanks for the post. I will give it a shot passing it to moose. He's the boss but my understanding is that you only are at risk if you drop your roster value to below 90% of the original amount. At 140 mill that would mean falling below 126 million. You are above 137 mill as I recall and a long way off. Always good to be proactive though so appreciate your post.

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Re: Dumping players will get you in big trouble.

PostFri Aug 25, 2017 4:37 pm

I dropped my Sonic account. Use my Comcast mail to reach me, like MrBBW did.

Yes like Rick said, this is not a concern until your salary APPROACHES the 10% below cap level area. And by that time, you will most likely already have found yourself losing even MORE than ever before due to just having made that many changes.

Some strategic roster changes are always welcome, but the players that lost control of their teams were showing some 45-55 drops in both pitching and hitting. Some tendencies I was seeing was dropping a player they just acquired after only a single 3 game set. THAT mindset is just tossing money away.

Thanks for the heads-up.


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Re: Dumping players will get you in big trouble.

PostThu Apr 12, 2018 4:01 pm

I agree and I disagree. I've dumped players and won big time. Sometimes you can downgrade your RPs and upgrade SPs or Hitters. Or even set up a cheaper platoon that actually plays better. Or you can downgrade a sitter or pitcher to upgrade elsewhere. But there are limits. In a 80 mil league it is around 2 to 4 mil but I have seen one team win a championship with around an 8 mil deficit. Maybe before anybody takes action they should talk to the manager and get his plan.

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