2018 Event 1 schedule

the official tournament of the All-Time Greats VI player set

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2018 Event 1 schedule

PostThu Mar 08, 2018 8:28 pm

Our first event will largely coincide with the opening of MLB which is scheduled to start on Thursday March 29. I will create all leagues and send out the passwords on the evening of Friday March 30th, AFTER league loading deadline. The MAJORITY of Event 1 leagues will start on April 9. and we will have at least 1 more league start on April 16 for those who may be planning to be away or need to start in the second week league. The DEADLINE for entering Event 1 completely will be the evening of Thursday April 12th. Anyone signed up but not in a league will be considered a NO SHOW for Event 1. Remaining openings in the "second week" event 1 league will be open to fillers, or SOM will be asked to move that league to the OPEN (no password) leagues to expedite filling the league. Regular Barnstormers Players who are NOT in that "second week" league are also invited to play a filler team any time there are openings. Only your FIRST team in an event will count for Barnstormers points.

Play in any stadium you want for Event 1, just remember that you can't use that stadium TYPE (grouping) in any future Barnstormers events. Any stadium can be used when you are playing a filler team.

E-mail me if you have questions. The first event will be 100 Mil - NO DH.

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