Roberto Clemente

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Roberto Clemente

PostTue Jan 19, 2021 1:23 pm

Card Nominations are taking place now on the Card Discussions thread.
A post about throwing arms here got me to thinking about Clemente.

In 1961, he led the NL with a .351 AVG, and his defensive ratings would be RF-1(-6)e10, CF-2(-6)e10.
VERY playable in CF, especially if you wanted to put Parker in RF on a Pirates team. I know Clemente already has 5 cards, but this one has more HR power/SLG and better defense..........if anyone wants to nominate him, I think he'd be a good add.

Here is how he compares to the current 67 Clemente:
1961 Roberto Clemente, PIT, Throws-R, 1L BAL, RF-1(-6)e10, CF-2(-6)e10, 3 Game INJ Risk
LHP—2b-10 3b-2.1 HR-8.2 BB-2 .471/.486/.840, OPS-1.327
RHP—2b-4.1 3b-3 HR-6 BB-1 .441/.451/.706, OPS-1.158
Current 1967 Roberto Clemente, PIT, Throws-R, 1R BAL, RF-1(-5)e11, 3 Game INJ Risk
LHP—2b-9 3b-4.7 HR-2.4 BB-6 .439/.475/.690, OPS-1.165
RHP—2b-3.1 3b-2.4 HR-8.4 BB-1 .461/.471/.774, OPS-1.245

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