Lineup Changes Not Executed

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Re: Lineup Changes Not Executed

PostSun Feb 17, 2019 7:17 am

BC15NY wrote:At present, although the system is able to perform multiple, separate shifts in the same lineup, it can only handle one level of a given shift. In other words, using the above example, if Hall happened to also be in the starting lineup already (e.g. in CF), instead of moving Hall to SS, it would pull someone from the bench to replace Sanchez.

This has been out there via the "Lineup Depth Chart" link since I've been playing. I've never noticed this to work any differently, unless the back-ups are left blank, for HAL to shuffle things around for you.

I agree this has been listed as a restriction, but the computer seemed to bypass it often and make a few levels of substitution, unless I was getting lucky and the subs I was requesting were the same as what HAL would do. But HAL and I never agree....

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