Game specific Lineups, Strategy, Pitcher usage

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Game specific Lineups, Strategy, Pitcher usage

PostWed Aug 18, 2021 12:19 am

Too often owners benefit from having a single pitcher, outfielder, or catcher with a strong arm as a deterrent to exploiting weaknesses.
Why do we not have a game by game ability to set our lineups and strategy?
The present system precludes us from making sensible managerial decisions, based on the individual makeup of the team we're facing, based on the likely lineup and pitcher we're facing.
I might want to go with a lineup that favors speed and defense against an ace pitcher, and might want to be more aggressive moving runners in a game that will likely have few runs scored, for that particular game.
As it stands, I have to choose the order that my relief pitchers are chosen for an entire 3 game series when, in the real world, I would have the ability to choose my relief preferences on a game by game basis.
As it stands I have to commit to playing a player for an entire 3 game series, if I want to explore his relative strengths and weaknesses.
I would very much like the opportunity to insert bench players in my lineup for a single game in a series against a weak starter, to get an idea of their true abilities. I understand that their are limitations my ability to manage during a game, I just wish that I could have a game specific voice in the management of my team on a game by game basis.


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Re: Game specific Lineups, Strategy, Pitcher usage

PostWed Aug 18, 2021 6:40 pm

You can do this most of the time if you use alternate lineups, usually there are 3 different opponent SP going as far as ratings--say Game 1 RH 1R, Game 2 RH 1L, and Game 3 LH 2R--if two are the same generally you want the same lineup anyway.

Set one Alt lineup for each of the SP (or leave the normal one and set two Alt lineups) Just set the ranges of the alt lineups to fit --you can even set the alt Left hand SP lineup for a range of 2R to 2R for the Game 3 example above if you want---(I would set it 9R to 2R). One caution is you have to keep up each night to avoid bad matchups in a future series.

To make sure you get the lineup you want--if you use 3 alt lineups you can clear the normal lineups (and hope opponent doesn't do a late change in SP--Hal will make a lineup up if there is no match). It's a pain do do it this way, but it can be done if you have the time to set lineups every night.

Still can't set Strategy for individual games though (like stealing, bunting etc.) but half of your issues can be addressed


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Re: Game specific Lineups, Strategy, Pitcher usage

PostThu Aug 19, 2021 12:05 am

What a great question. milleram, as usual, has the answer. I'm going to sticky this thread in the General Strategy Forum.

I'm sure many managers, especially those hundreds that have joined since 3/20, have wondered the same.

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