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League signup 2019U 2 team with draft 2 players in ILC

PostPosted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 11:01 pm
by MFL536
random number draw for the order 3 round draft serpentine: No trades ,1st round you select your pair of teams from pairings below next 2 rounds you draft 1 player each round from 6 undrafted teams. After that only call ups are from your 2 teams drafted no in season pick ups from undrafted teams.
2019U unleashed set $105MM stadium from one of your 2 teams

Exclusive team pairings are as follows (based on 2019 MLB W/L records): Astros/Tigers, Dodgers/Orioles Yankees/Marlins,Twins/Royals, Braves/Blue Jays, Athletics/Mariners ,Rays/Pirates, Nationals/Padres, Indians/Rockies Cards/Angels, Brewers/White Sox ,Mets/Reds ,Diamondbacks/Giants, Red Sox/Rangers ,Cubs/Phillies
random number draw

signup in ILC