Unleashed Keeper League ALL SET

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Unleashed Keeper League ALL SET

PostThu Sep 26, 2019 4:38 pm

We are about to start season two with the current card set, unleashed as the name of the league should make obvious, and have had a manager go AWOL.

Here is the team:

1 Alfaro Jorge C
2 Barnes Matt RP
3 Barnhart Tucker C
4 Burnes Corbin RP
5 Castillo Jose RP
6 Castillo Diego RP
7 Dominguez Seranthony RP
8 Dozier Brian 2B
9 Frazier Clint OF
10 Fry Jace RP
11 Gonzalez Marwin LF
12 Gsellman Robert SP
13 Gurriel Lourdes INF
14 Hamilton Billy CF
15 Jansen Kenley RP
16 Keuchel Dallas SP
17 Kopech Michael SP
18 Lowrie Jedd 2B
19 Martinez Jose 1B
20 McCullers Lance SP
21 McCutcheon Andrew CF
22 Minter AJ RP
23 Nelson Jimmy SP
24 Nola Aaron SP
25 Olson Matt 1B
26 O'Neill Tyler OF
27 Pollack AJ CF
28 Poncedeleon Daniel SP
29 Ramos Edubray RP
30 Rendon Anthony 3B
31 Richards Trevor SP
32 Robles Victor OF
33 Rodney Fernando RP
34 Rosario Eddie RF
35 Sanchez Gary C
36 Simmons Andrelton SS
37 Springer George OF
38 Taillon Jameson SP
39 Urias Julio SP
40 Woodruff Brandon RP

Plus prospects
Bichette Bo SS 2018
Florial Estevan OF 2018
Sheffiled Justus SP 2018
Sanchez Sixto SP 2018
Kelenic Jarred OF 2019

We are looking to start almost immediately with our annual 2 round supplemental draft. The new manager would need to post to two drops from the 40 man roster if they desire to participate in this draft ( not necessary, but is suggested). This team has the 6th position in the upcoming 2 round draft.

If you are interested, please PM me and include your email in the PM.

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Re: Unleashed Keeper League seeks replacement manager

PostSat Sep 28, 2019 6:16 pm

I will take the team if still available

The msaegse is waht mttares msot!

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