Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

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Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

PostSat Jun 06, 2020 4:47 pm

I know these guys won't probably be nominated, but it would be cool if Strat would let us select 2-3 to go in with the voted cards.
My philosophy on subs----You can't replicate your starter offensively with a substitute (unless you're playing high caps), but you CAN replicate him defensively.

Most of these guys are at least adequate defensively at multiple positions. Some don't meet the 300 PA threshold, but that threshold is there to prevent outliers and small sample size issues. Don't see it as a problem in adding substitutes.

1995 Jim Leyritz NYY Bats-R BAL-4L C-3(+2)e1, 1b-4e11 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH—2b-2.1 3b-0 HR-4.5 BB-16 .299/.442/.480 OPS-.922
RH—2b-4.3 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-10 .198/.317/.293 OPS-.610

Not necessarily a sub, but he's been requested. Decent as a platoon vs LHP.


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Re: Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

PostSat Jun 06, 2020 4:57 pm


1993 Rich Amaral SEA Bats-R BAL-6L 3b-3e13, 3b-3e21, SS-4e14, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-13.5 3b-0.9 HR-0 BB-4 .465/.495/.615 OPS-1.110
RH—2b-3.3 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-11 .208/.304/.266 OPS-.570
Not as much a sub as probably a platoon option vs LHP

1959 Sparky Anderson PHI Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e15 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0 3b-0.8 HR-0 BB-15 .194/.306/.211 OPS-.516
RH—2b-0 3b-0.8 HR-0 BB-6 .197/.242/213 OPS-.454
Ol' Sparky

1976 Chris Arnold SF Bats-R BAL-4L 2b-4e0/SS-4e0/1b-4e0/3b-4e65 INJ Risk-15(3)
LH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-6 .245/.287/.245 OPS-.532
RH—2b-0 3b-3 HR-0 BB-3 .029/.056/.086 OPS-.141
Might be interesting to have a guy who can sub at multiple IF spots with 0 errors.

1995 Rafael Belliard ATL Bats-R BAL-3L SS-2e7, 2b-2e4 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .279/.293/.279 OPS-.572
RH—2b-0 3b-0.8 HR-0 BB-0 .158/.174/.173 OPS-.347
Belongs in a Braves exp group, good D at 2b and SS

1998 Mike Benjamin BOS Bats-R BAL-E 2b-3e5, SS-3e8, 3b-3e24, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-8.8 3b-0 HR-2.3 BB-0 .271/.298/.420 OPS-.718
RH—2b-7.3 3b-0 HR-2.5 BB-0 .266/.293/.408 OPS-.701
1999 Mike Benjamin PIT Bats-R BAL-1L 2b-3e5, SS-3e16, 3b-4e22 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH—2b-14.6 3b-2.3 HR-0 BB-0 .246/.253/.424 OPS-.678
RH—2b-5.7 3b-3.9 HR-0.8 BB-0 .216/.224/.363 OPS-.587
Benjamin gets into the higher end of offense among these guys, so he may get a little too expensive, not a 2 anywhere.

1930 Hugh Critz NYG Bats-R BAL-E 2b-1e26 INJ Risk-In Game
LH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-1.4 BB-5 .264/.298/.305 OPS-.603
RH—2b-0.6 3b-3.4 HR-1.3 BB-1 .218/.225/.323 OPS-.548
Nice 1 sub at 2b

1983 Scott Fletcher CWS Bats-R BAL-2R SS-3e30, 2b-3e24, 3b-3e37 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-6.0 3b-1.5 HR-1.9 BB-10 .151/.245/.304 OPS-.550
RH—2b-7.1 3b-3.6 HR-1.1 BB-15 .219/.342/.412 OPS-.753
CWS sub, Dis bad enough may be fairly cheap.

1989 Mike Gallego OAK Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e25, SS-2e28, 3b-2e8 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-4.1 3b-0 HR-0 BB-12 .252/.356/.295 OPS-.651
RH—2b-2 3b-1 HR-0.7 BB-10 .253/.343/.317 OPS-.659
This is actually an improvement on Gallego, he'd be more expensive.

1993 Craig Grebeck CWS Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-3e5, SS-3e14, 3b-3e39 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-9 .192/.259/.192 OPS-.451
RH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-2.2 BB-28 .173/.38/0.255 OPS-.642
Multiple spots, 3 everyhwere, may make him cheaper.

1989 Steve Jeltz PHI Bats-S BAL-2L SS-2e10/2b-2e13/3b-2e30/CF-4(+3)e16 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0.2 3b-1.8 HR-0.3 BB-27 .293/.476/.351 OPS-.828
RH—2b-0.2 3b-1 HR-1.2 BB-16 .212/.336/.275 OPS-.610
Actually a decent card, could sub vs RHP and platoon at 2b or SS vs LHP.

1970 Dal Maxvill STL Bats-R BAL-2L SS-2e16, 2b-2e8 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH—2b-0 3b-3 HR-0 BB-26 .146/.352/.220 OPS-.571
RH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-11 .129/.218/.129 OPS-.346
Another Maxvill, 2 at both middle spots

2002 Tomas Perez PHI Bats-S BAL-1R 2b-2e6, 3b-3e44, SS-3e14, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH—2b-7.7 3b-0 HR-1.8 BB-0 .245/.252/.365 OPS-.617
RH—2b-5.6 3b-1.1 HR-1.8 BB-9 .252/.321/.383 OPS-.704
Another sneaking into decent hitting range, may make him too $$

1999 Jeff Reboulet BAL Bats-R BAL-3L 3b-3e8, 2b-3e6, SS-3e27 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH—2b-1 3b-0 HR-0 BB-25 .190/.400/.202 OPS-.603
RH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-28 .013/.296/.013 OPS-.309
may get cheap enough with combo of Injury and 3's

1997 Pokey Reese CIN Bats-R BAL-1R SS-2e25, 2b-2e30, 3b-2e37 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-1 3b-0 HR-2.1 BB-13 .117/.248/.195 OPS-.442
RH—2b-2.4 3b-0 HR-2.1 BB-4 .211/.262/.296 OPS-.558
2001 Pokey Reese CIN Bats-R E 2b-1e18, SS-2e23 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH—2b-2.8 3b-0 HR-3.1 BB-4 .188/.233/.304 OPS-.537
RH—2b-4.3 3b-0.7 HR-0.5 BB-7 .201/.267/.272 OPS-.539
Pokey Reese, either card is good for sub role.

2014 Brendan Ryan NYY Bats-R BAL-1R SS-2e25, 2b-2e13, 1b-3e25, 3b-3e37 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH—2b-1.9 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .036/.090/.055 OPS-.145
RH—2b-1.6 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .093/.144/.109 OPS-.252
Now we're talking. His offense is HORRIBLE, but he plays multiple spots well. He should be cheap and get a lot of use.

2004 Rey Sanchez TB Bats-R BAL-2L 2b-2e10, SS-2e7 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-3.3 3b-4.2 HR-0 BB-5 .30/0.346/.416 OPS-.762
RH—2b-4.5 3b-0.6 HR-2.2 BB-0 .189/.204/.305 OPS-.509
Good up the middle D

1996 Luis Sojo NYY Bats-R BAL-E 2b-3e11, 3b-4e30, SS-3e10 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-5.1 3b-0 HR-1.9 BB-3 .125/.157/.228 OPS-.385
RH—2b-0 3b-0.7 HR-0 BB-0 .193/.201/.206 OPS-.407
Sojo's bad hitting and 3's everywhere might make him cheap enough.......


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Re: Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

PostSat Jun 06, 2020 5:02 pm


1988 Darrin Jackson CHC Bats-R BAL-6L LF/RF-2(-2)e7, CF-3(-2)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-11.7 3b-3.2 HR-6.3 BB-0 .338/.344/.684 OPS-1.028
RH—2b-1 3b-2 HR-0.6 BB-0 .215/.222/.279 OPS-.501
1997 Darrin Jackson MIL Bats-R BAL-1L CF/LF/RF-2(0)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-7.3 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-0 .262/.262/.371 OPS-.632
RH—2b-0 3b-1.4 HR-2.5 BB-0 .238/.238/.333 OPS-.571
1998 Darrin Jackson MIL Bats-R BAL-E CF/LF/RF-3(0)e6 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH—2b-6.0 3b-0 HR-3 BB-0 .231/.238/.371 OPS-.609
RH—2b-9.1 3b-1.1 HR-3 BB-0 .206/.213/.394 OPS-.607
Got a few OF options.......

1985 Lynn Jones KC Bats-R BAL-2R RF/LF/CF-2(-1)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .161/.192/.161 OPS-.352
RH—2b-10.6 3b-0 HR-0 BB-4 .231/.288/.337 OPS-.625
Pretty bad hitting, pretty usable sub OF defense

2016 Jake Marisnick HOU Bats-R BAL-2L CF/LF/RF-1(-2)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-10.6 3b-1.4 HR-1.8 BB-6 .191/.243/.377 OPS-.620
RH—2b-5.1 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-2 .131/.155/.246 OPS-.401
This is an awesome OF sub' can't hit, 1's everywhere

1993 Darren Lewis SF Bats-R BAL-1L CF-1(+2)e0 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-2.2 3b-2.6 HR-0 BB-8 .253/.329/.329 OPS-.658
RH—2b-0.9 3b-1.6 HR-1.2 BB-3 .229/.272/.304 OPS-.576
1999 Darren Lewis BOS Bats-R BAL-1R CF/RF-1(+1)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0 3b-0.8 HR-1.5 BB-2 .183/.213/.240 OPS-.454
RH—2b-1.2 3b-2.3 HR-0.6 BB-13 .215/.32/0.294 OPS-.618
1996 Darren Lewis CWS Bats-R BAL-4R CF-1(+1)e5, LF-2(+1)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-0 3b-0 HR-1.8 BB-11 .087/.197/.142 OPS-.339
RH—2b-1.9 3b-1 HR-2.4 BB-18 .221/.365/.345 OPS-.711
Good options, and they're what Lewis was, good defense with not much offense to go with it.

1998 Ruben Rivera SD Bats-R BAL-4L CF/LF/RF-1(-3)e9 INJ Risk-15
LH—2b-6.5 3b-1.4 HR-6.9 BB-12 .223/.324/.540 OPS-.864
RH—2b-0 3b-0.6 HR-1.9 BB-32 .035/.339/.128 OPS-.467
GREAT range and arm at all 3 spots. Decent vs LHP, terrible vs RHP.

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Re: Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

PostFri Jun 12, 2020 9:59 pm

I am glad 2007 Jon McDonald got added but the price of his card is way off.


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Re: Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

PostMon Oct 26, 2020 9:02 am

Not sure if he should fall on the defensive scrub thread, or hitters with no card.. but please add 1981, Bill Almon.. he played for multiple teams, mostly at SS in his career.. not a great fielder, but was a spark on the "new look" 1981 White Sox... Would be a good add for depth in franchise leagues.. TX


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Re: Nomination Ideas----DEFENSIVE SUBS

PostMon Oct 26, 2020 9:08 am

A few other back up players that need cards are Jose Offerman, and Jose Vizcaino.. both played for multiple teams in the Inf, and would add depth for franchise theme leagues..

1999 Offerman was an all star with Boston

Vizcaino played 18 years for numerous teams.. his most productive years were with the Cubs in the early 90's..

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