Nomination Ideas----HiTTERS WITH NO CARDS

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Nomination Ideas----HiTTERS WITH NO CARDS

PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:40 am

I've spent a good bit of time looking at card options, both players with No Card and improvements for current players (I usually consider improvements either true improvement on a player who is poorly represented, or a player's card that is different from the way the player is currently represented in the set.)
The stats are run through Diamonddope in Veterans 1975 (10,10,10,10).

I'm still working on Pitchers, mainly waiting to finish info on whether SPs get the * or not.
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Re: Nomination Ideas----PLAYERS WITH NO CARDS

PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:41 am


1894 Cupid Childs CLN Bats-L BAL-3R 2b-2e71 INJ Risk-15 1896 CARD ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 1.6 3b-2.8 HR-0 BB-29 .271/.281/.365 OPS-.845
RH--2b- 3 3b-2.8 HR-0 BB-29 .460/.615/.572 OPS-1.187
Good 2b for those 1890s Cleveland Spiders teams. His OBP is outstanding. If Strat cut his errors, he's be around a 2b-2e35. Would he get used? I'm thinking he would.

1899 Bill Lange CHC Bats-R BAL-1L CF-1(-2)e13 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.4 3b-3.2 HR-0.2 BB-12 .372/.442/.500 OPS-.942
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-2 HR-0.2 BB-10 .344/.405/.442 OPS-.847
1890s Cubs CF, gives them a 1……………….

1899 Fred Tenney BSB Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-1e30 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.9 3b-0.6 HR-0.2 BB-13 .373/.455/.432 OPS-.887
RH--2b- 1.3 3b-4.3 HR-0.2 BB-12 .408/.478//.514 OPS-.991
Batted .347 in 1899, good Braves 1b at turn of the 19th century…………

1905 John Titus PHI Bats-L BAL-E LF/CF/RF-4(-3)e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 8.5 3b-3.2 HR-0.3 BB-15 .347/.444/.517 OPS-.961
RH--2b- 8.2 3b-3.2 HR-0.2 BB-15 .339//.437/.503 OPS-.939
Phillies OF in the 1900s, played 11 seasons for Phils and Braves

1911 Birdie Cree NYY Bats-R BAL-3L LF-1(-2)e11, CF-2(-2)e11, RF-2(-2)e11, 2b-4e71, SS-4e88 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 14.6 3b-7.8 HR-3 BB-8 .489/.531/.833 OPS-1.415
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-6.5 HR-0.6 BB-12 .442/.509/.654 OPS-1.163
Early Highlander favorite, Good combination of defense and hitting and nice OBP. Finished 6th in MVP vote.
db NYY needs some help.

1913 Tommy Clarke CIN Bats-R BAL-1L C-3(-3)e8 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 2.6 3b-3.4 HR-0 BB-13 .319/.407/.419 OPS-.827
RH--2b- 2.3 3b-2.8 HR-0 BB-13 .269/.363/.352 OPS-.716
Reds 1910s catcher, Reds db catcher crop is very weak.

1913 Vic Saier CHC Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-4e26 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 1.4 3b-5.7 HR-4 BB-14 .326/.420/.593 OPS-1.013
RH--2b- 1.6 3b-6.2 HR-4.3 BB-14 .350/.440/.638 OPS-1.078
Finished 6th in MVP vote, led League in triples, has good OBP.

1917 Benny Kauff NYG Bats-L BAL-E CF/LF/RF-1(-2) e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-12 .387/.461/.451 OPS-.911
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-12 .403/.475/.466 OPS-.941
Can’t go grab his Federal League cards, but he was still a pretty usable player for the Giants, really good D at all 3 OF spots, good hitting and OBP.
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Re: Nomination Ideas----PLAYERS WITH NO CARDS

PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:42 am

PREWAR Hitters

1921 Austin McHenry STL Bats-R BAL-E CF/LF/RF-2(-2)e14 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.8 3b-1.2 HR-5.5 BB-6 .433/.470/.697 OPS-1.167
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-1.3 HR-5.5 BB-6 .428/.465/.692 OPS-1.157
Five seasons into a promising career, McHenry started having trouble with his eyesight in the 1922 season. The Cardinals sent him home to rest, and a brain tumor was later detected. McHenry died a couple months later.
The guy was a lifetime .302 hitter in 4+ seasons, and I think that this would be a good add, looks very promising offensively as well as defensively.

1922 Ray Grimes CHC Bats-R BAL-E 1b-4e21 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 11.3 3b-3 HR-3.8 BB-18 .441/.539/.761 OPS-1.301
RH--2b- 10.8 3b-3 HR-3.6 BB-18 .429/.529/.739 OPS-1.268
In 1922, Grimes set a major-league mark with at least one RBI over 17 consecutive games (from June 27 to July 23), a record which still stands. He suffered a slipped disc and his career was over as quickly as it started.
Good batting numbers across the board………….

1926 Les Bell STL Bats-R BAL-E 3b-3e21 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-3.4 HR-5.2 BB-9 .395/.451/.684 OPS-1.185
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-3.4 HR-5.2 BB-9 .389/.446/.677 OPS-1.123
Finished 6th in MVP Voting for the World Series Champion Cardinals, a team that had Bottomley, Hornsby, Hafey, and Pete Alexander. Pretty good offensive card…………………..

1928 Del Bissonette BKN Bats-L BAL-E 1b-3e19 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-3.2 HR-7.2 BB-13 .391/.470/.738 OPS-1.208
RH--2b- 4.6 3b-3.2 HR-7.2 BB-13 .391/.470/.738 OPS-1.208
Had four promising seasons, was oft-injured after that, but this rookie season was outstanding.

1929 Dale Alexander DET Bats-R BAL-E 1b-4e17 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 7.6 3b-3.4 HR-7.7 BB-7 .427/.469/.802 OPS-1.271
RH--2b- 7.5 3b-3.4 HR-7.4 BB-7 .418/.461/.782 OPS-1.243
Alexander was a can't-miss superstar his first 3 seasons in MLB, leading the league in hits in 1929 and winning the batting title in 1932 with the Red Sox. Quite an offensive force.
He injured his leg in 1933 and the training staff tried a new deep-heat method to try to reduce pain, decrease inflammation, and thereby speed healing: diathermy. However, they left it on for too long and burned his leg. Amputation was feared, but the leg improved enough for that not to be necessary. The leg atrophied, however, and Alexander never returned to the majors.
His career batting average was .331.
Hits for average, hits for power……………

1935 Billy Rogell DET Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e24 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 2.4 3b-2.5 HR-0.6 BB-15 .289/.394/.390 OPS-.784
RH--2b- 2.4 3b-2.6 HR-0.6 BB-19 .302/.431/.407 OPS-.838
1937 Billy Rogell DET Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e27 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.8 3b-1.2 HR-1.1 BB-17 .289/.408/.406 OPS-.813
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-1.2 HR-1.1 BB-17 .389/.408/.406 OPS-.813
Tigers shortstop in the 1930s, World Series in 1934 & 1935, 9 year DP combo with Charlie Gehringer.
Has good OBP, would be a nice, cheap alternative in smaller cap leagues, 15 year veteran with no card.

1940 Debs Garms PIT Bats-L BAL-2R 3b-4e25, LF/CF/RF-4(+2)e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.4 3b-2.5 HR-1.7 BB-4 .380/.409/.540 OPS-.948
RH--2b- 8 3b-3.3 HR-2 BB-4 .475/.500/.674 OPS-1.174
Led league in batting with a .355 AVG, looks good vs RHP

1941 Johnny Cooney BSB Bats-R BAL-2L CF-2(0)e2, 1b-4e8 INJ Risk-15(2)
LH--2b- 5.8 3b-0 HR-0 BB-4 .490/.509/.546 OPS-1.055
RH--2b- 7.3 3b-0.5 HR-0 BB-4 .375/.398/.453 OPS-.851
21 year veteran, would be a nice add to platoon vs LHP

1942 Wally Judnich SLB Bats- L BAL- 1R CF/LF/RF-2(-1)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-1.4 HR-4.6 BB-19 .332/.456/.563 OPS-1.019
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.5 HR-5 BB-19 .370/.487/.623 OPS-1.110
After 3 seasons was on his way to a strong career, then lost 3 years to WWII and was never the same.
Good combination of power and OBP, can play all 3 OF spots
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Re: Nomination Ideas----PLAYERS WITH NO CARDS

PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:42 am


1947 Buddy Kerr NYG Bats-R BAL-E SS-2e18 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-1 HR-0 BB-2 .331/.350/.386 OPS-.736
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-1 HR-0 BB-2 .324/.343/.379 OPS-.722
Late 40s Giants SS…………………..

1948 Gene Hermanski BKN Bats-L BAL-7R LF/RF-3(-1)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-2.3 BB-6 .148/.203/.215 OPS-.418
RH--2b- 7.3 3b-3 HR-6.3 BB-19 .398/.509/.761 OPS-1.270
Great Platoon Card vs RHP, gives better LF option for Post War Brooklyn

1948 Whitey Lockman NYG Bats-L BAL-E LF/CF-1(+2)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6 3b-1 HR-1.8 BB-9 .342/.397/.476 OPS-.873
RH--2b- 1.8 3b-2.3 HR-4.3 BB-13 .327/.408/.528 OPS-.937
1949 Whitey Lockman NYG Bats-L BAL-2L LF-1(+2)e10, CF-3(+2)e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.8 HR-1.5 BB-14 .435/.514/.570 OPS-1.004
RH--2b- 5.3 3b-0.6 HR-1.7 BB-7 .339/.388/.453 OPS-.841
For a decade, Lockman was a starter for some good Giants teams. Historically, he probably has one of the longest careers of a player with NO Card (not counting recent 2000s players). I think he'd be a great add, either card, thought that 1949 might be more interesting.

1948 Pat Mullin DET Bats-L BAL-3R RF-3(0)e10, CF-4(0)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.9 3b-3.9 HR-2.5 BB-15 .265/.367/.439 OPS-.806
RH--2b- 1.4 3b-2.5 HR-8.2 BB-15 .349/.440/.683 OPS-1.123
Postwar Tigers slugger, decent platoon vs RHP

1951 Johnny Groth DET Bats-R BAL-6L LF-2(-1)e3, CF-3(-1)e3, INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 15.7 3b-0.2 HR-1.2 BB-3 .503/.521/.692 OPS-1.214
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-0 HR-1.4 BB-5 .274/.314/.361 OPS-.676
Would be a good platoon vs LHP……………..

1953 Davey Williams NYG Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e20 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.1 3b-0.3 HR-1.8 BB-7 .262/.316/.372 OPS-.688
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-0.3 HR-1.8 BB-7 .258/.313/.367 OPS-.688
Mid-50s Giants 2b, good defense……….

1954 Sandy Amoros BKN Bats-L BAL-4R LF/CF/RF-3(+1)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.4 3b-0 HR-0 BB-0 .249/.256/.308 OPS-.563
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-3.6 HR-4.8 BB-10 .290/.362/.598 OPS-.960
Made one of the great catches in WS history in 1955 Game 7 (also homered in Game 5)in that Series),
This is a good platoon card vs RHP

1957 Bob Boyd BAL Bats-L BAL-E 1b-2e15, LF-4(+1)e13 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-1.5 HR-0 BB-12 .435/.503/.493 OPS-.996
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-1 HR-1.5 BB-10 .384/.447/.487 OPS-.934
Another player who used up his prime in the Negro Leagues, finally got a starting MLB job at age 37 and made the most of it. A Singles Machine, his nickname was "Rope" because of his ubiquitous line drives.
Dude could hit.

1961 Gordy Coleman CIN Bats-L BAL-2R 1b-4e12 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.9 3b-0.3 HR-6.5 BB-6 .270/.317/.517 OPS-.834
RH--2b- 6.5 3b-0.3 HR-9 BB-2 .292/.312/.617 OPS-.928
Power Source for the 1961 NL Champion Reds, Good Power, not much OBP

1961 Floyd Robinson CWS Bats-L BAL-1L RF-3(0)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.2 3b-3.1 HR-0 BB-8 .402/.457/.538 OPS-.995
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-2 HR-2.2 BB-11 .348/.426/.505 OPS-.931
1962 Floyd Robinson CWS Bats-L BAL-3R RF/LF-3(-1)e9 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.3 3b-2.3 HR-1.4 BB-9 .265/.333/.417 OPS-.750
RH--2b- 10.9 3b-2.5 HR-1 BB-10 .379/.442/.574 OPS-1.016
Early 60s White Sox hitter, 9 year MLB career………..

1962 Lee Thomas CAL Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-4e30, RF/LF-3(0)e11, CF-4(0)e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0 3b-0.6 HR-3.8 BB-3 .264/.298/.384 OPS-.682
RH--2b- 4.7 3b-0 HR-5.4 BB-8 .316/.380/.528 OPS-.907
First Angels star, pretty good vs RHP

1966 Adolfo Phillips CHC Bats-R BAL-5R CF-3(0)e9 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.3 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-12 .156/.296/.298 OPS-.594
RH--2b- 9.5 3b-0 HR-6.8 BB-6 .293/.371/.602 OPS-.973
Would be in Post War Cubs set, nice vs RHP


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Re: Nomination Ideas----PLAYERS WITH NO CARDS

PostMon Jun 01, 2020 12:43 am

70s&80s Hitters

1968 Ted Uhlaender MIN Bats-L BAL-3R CF-2(0)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.3 3b-1 HR-2.5 BB-0 .196/.204/.287 OPS-.491
RH--2b- 5.9 3b-1.4 HR-0.5 BB-3 .358/.388/.456 OPS-.844
Late 60s Twins CF, hits RHP

1969 Ollie Brown SD Bats-R BAL-5L RF-2(-4)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0 3b-1.2 HR-12 BB-14 .366/.454/.778 OPS-1.232
RH--2b- 3.4 3b-0.2 HR-0 BB-3.2 .260/.301/.389 OPS-.690
Great line vs LHP, 13 year career

1969 Mack Jones MON Bats-L BAL-4R LF-3(-1)e13, CF-4(-1)e13 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.8 3b-1.6 HR-1 BB-17 .185/.366/.303 OPS-.669
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-0.8 HR-8.3 BB-15 .294/.438/.660 OPS-1.098
Good first season with expansion Expos, hits RHP, 10 year veteran

1977 Lamar Johnson CWS Bats-R BAL-5L 1b-4e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.6 3b-3.5 HR-9.8 BB-6 .419/.451/.819 OPS-1.270
RH--2b- 0 3b-0.3 HR-7.5 BB-0 .286/.286/.499 OPS-.785
Smokes LHP for 1970s White Sox……

1978 Ivan DeJesus CHC Bats-R BAL-1L SS-2e28 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b-1.2 3b-3.4 HR-0.8 BB-14 .327/.421/.438 OPS.858
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.4 HR-1 BB-14 .301/.398/.379 OPS-.777
Longtime Cubs/Phillies SS, SHOULD BE in any set, not a bad add for low cap leagues, 15 year veteran SS

1978 Otto Velez TOR Bats-R BAL-7L 1b-4e25, LF/RF-4(+1)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6.4 3b-2 HR-8.2 BB-26 .347/.516/.784 OPS-1.301
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0 HR-0 BB-20 .108/.290/.152 OPS-.442
Early Blue Jays hitter, good platoon vs LHP………….

1979 Mike Ivie SF Bats-R BAL-6L 1b-2e8, 3b-4e37, 2b-4e41, LF-4(+2)e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.3 3b-0.5 HR-18.8 BB-3 .392/.415/1.014 OPS-1.429
RH--2b- 3 3b-0.5 HR-7.8 BB-15 .272/.380/.570 OPS-.950
Giants and Padres first sacker, check out those amazing HR stats vs LHP.

1979 Ron H. Jackson MIN Bats-R BAL-3L 1b-2e10, 3b-4e18, SS-4e48, LF-4(+1)e16 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 15.1 3b-3 HR-1.9 BB-8 .332/.400/.608 OPS-1.008
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-7 .231/.302/.354 OPS-.656
Came to Twins from Angels in a trade after Rod Carew signed with the Angels, good doubles vs LHP

1979 John Wockenfuss DET Bats-R BAL-9L C-4(+2)e1, 1b-4e7, LF/RF-4(0)e7 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating) ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 4.1 3b-0.6 HR-15.5 BB-10 .305/.382/.844 OPS-1.227
RH--2b- 0.1 3b-0 HR-0.1 BB-2 .150/.181/.154 OPS-.335
An oft-requested player, hopefully that Catcher defense would drag his price down enough to make him a GREAT platoon option at DH/1b, maybe even OF corner.

1980 Rick Cerone NYY Bats-R BAL-E C-1(-4)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.85 3b-1.95 HR-0.5 BB-1 .305/.324/.440 OPS-.765
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-0 HR-6.5 BB-6 .315/.366/.561 OPS-.927
Finished 7th in MVP Voting, helped lead Yankees to AL East title, then apparently saw his shadow or something

1980 Miguel Dilone CLE Bats-S BAL-2R LF-2(+3)e10, CF/RF-3(+3)e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.6 3b-0.2 HR-0 BB- 0 .354 .360 .428 OPS- .787
RH--2b- 5.8 3b-4 HR-0 BB- 3 .416 .438 .548 OPS- .986
If not for some guys named Brett and Cooper, Dilone would’ve won the 1980 batting title, not much defensively, but here he is………….

1980 Art Howe HOU Bats-R BAL-4L 3b-2e10, 1b-3e23, 2b-3e8, SS-4e48 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2 3b-2.2 HR-5.3 BB-9 .374/.432/.601 OPS-1.033
RH--2b- 3 3b-2.1 HR-2.3 BB-12 .185/.283/.334 OPS-.617
Old-time Astro, gives a good platoon vs LHP and plays enough IF positions well to make him a valuable infield sub as well. Give old Art a card and tell Billy Beane he's a jerk.

1981 Gene Richards SD Bats-L BAL-E LF-4(0)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-6.6 HR-0.5 BB-16 .307/.416/.468 OPS-.884
RH--2b- 4.9 3b-4.1 HR-1.3 BB-15 .313/.414/.495 OPS-.909
Padres speedster, check out those triples………………

1984 Dave Collins CIN Bats-S BAL-E LF/CF-4(+1)e3, 1b-4e22 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.5 3b-5.7 HR-0 BB-1 .347/.377/.531 OPS-.908
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-5.7 HR-1 BB-7 .330/.398/.537 OPS-.935
15 year veteran, would be a nice speedy guy for small cap leagues

1984 Greg Walker CWS Bats-L BAL-7R 1b-3e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.5 3b-0 HR-2.5 BB-16 .113/.252/.223 OPS-.475
RH--2b- 10 3b-0.3 HR-9.8 BB-3 .349/.373/.731 OPS-1.104
1980s White Sox hitter, nice line vs RHP

1986 Gary Pettis CAL Bats-S BAL-1L CF-1(0)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 1.6 3b-1.5 HR-2.1 BB-6 .280/.320/.387 OPS-.708
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.5 HR-1.5 BB-18 .216/.346/.319 OPS-.665
Angels CF, lots of speed, cheap

1987 Candy Maldonado SF Bats-R BAL-E RF/LF-3(-3)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.6 3b-1 HR-5.7 BB-10 .318/.400/.598 OPS-.998
RH--2b- 7.6 3b-1.4 HR-5.9 BB-4 .326/.369/.602 OPS-.972
14 year career, good run with late 80s Giants, solid player

1988 Jose Lind PIT Bats-R BAL-1R 2b-1e12 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4 3b-0 HR-0 BB-9 .226/.291/.267 OPS-.557
RH--2b- 1.5 3b-1.4 HR-1.1 BB-6 .312/.350/.385 OPS-.735
Chico was a good defensive 2b for that Pirates early 90s mini-dynasty, needs a card……….
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Re: Nomination Ideas----PLAYERS WITH NO CARDS

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90s Hitters

1990 Sid Bream PIT Bats-L BAL-1R 1b-2e12 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 12.3 3b-1.7 HR-2.3 BB-3 .271/.298/.486 OPS-.783
RH--2b- 4.5 3b-0 HR-6.8 BB-15 .307/.416/.579 OPS-.995
Pirates & Braves 1b, slow but can outrun Barry Bonds arm, so…..

1990 Brian Harper MIN Bats-R BAL-2L C-3(0)e4, 1b-4e25, 3b-4e37 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating) 1991 CARD ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 20.8 3b-1 HR-2.8 BB-0 .356/.374/.651 OPS-1.025
RH--2b- 9 3b-1 HR-1.3 BB-0 .315/.334/.456 OPS-.790
Twins Catcher, check doubles vs LHP

1990 Dave Magadan NYM Bats-L BAL-5R 3b-4e12,1b-3e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-2 HR-0 BB-13 .254/.351/.324 OPS-.675
RH--2b- 9.1 3b-2 HR-0.5 BB-23 .488/.602/.660 OPS-1.261
Mets singles hitter, that line vs RHP is very good, can play 1b or 3b

1990 Jody Reed BOS Bats-R BAL-E 2b-2e10, SS-4e42 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 11.1 3b-0 HR-0 BB-14 .328/.422/.448 OPS-.870
RH--2b- 8.4 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-14 .320/.414/.483 OPS-.897
11 year vet, led League in doubles in 1990, pretty good OBP, would be a good add for smaller caps

1991 Kevin Elster NYM Bats-R BAL-3L SS-2e23 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 6 3b-0 HR-1.2 BB-9 .338/.399/.436 OPS-.835
RH--2b- 2.8 3b-1.4 HR-2.8 BB-11 .156/.250/.302 OPS-.552
Mets defensive SS…………..

1991 Greg Gagne MIN Bats-R BAL-2L SS-1e12 INJ Risk-15 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 7.9 3b-2.6 HR-0.6 BB-10 .292/.370/.447 OPS-.817
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-1 .262/.282/.356 OPS-.639
Twins SS for their World Series teams, has excellent defense, would add to the Twins exp grouping

1991 Hal Morris CIN Bats-L BAL-4R 1b-4e12, LF-4(+1)e25 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 11.9 3b-1.2 HR-0.2 BB-3 .275/.295/.415 OPS-.711
RH--2b- 8.6 3b-0 HR-4.4 BB-8 .419/.462/.637 OPS-1.099
Looked like a star early, but kept getting injured. That line vs RHP is very good………….

1992 Dave Hollins PHI Bats-S BAL-6L 3b-4e19, 1b-4e25 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.1 3b-1.4 HR-12 BB-9 .401/.484/.894 OPS-1.378
RH--2b- 1.6 3b-0 HR-3.25 BB-19 .211/.394/.348 OPS-.741
Phillies star of early 90s, great line vs LHP………………………

1992 Pat Listach MIL Bats-S BAL-4L SS-2e27, 2b-2e17, CF-4(+3)e16 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-2.2 HR-1.5 BB-1 .430/.436/.565 OPS-1.001
RH--2b- 0.4 3b-0.6 HR-0 BB-12 .293/.372/.310 OPS-.682
1992 Rookie of the Year, was an exciting player for Brewers, very nice line vs LHP and plays both 2b & SS well.

1992 Shane Mack MIN Bats-R BAL-E LF/RF-1(-1)e4, CF-2(-1)e4 INJ Risk-3 1991 CARD ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 9.4 3b-4 HR-3.8 BB-6 .324/.393/.618 OPS-1.011
RH--2b- 3.5 3b-0.6 HR-2.5 BB-12 .390/.486/.524 OPS-1.010
Good card for Twins OF

1993 Orlando Merced PIT Bats-S BAL-1R RF-3(0)e15, 1b-4e11 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.9 3b-4.4 HR-0 BB-16 .339/.437/.498 OPS-.934
RH--2b- 6.4 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-19 .380/.489/.531 OPS-1.020
Pirates 1b, pretty good offensive stats…………….

1993 Mark Whiten STL Bats-S BAL-1R RF-2(-5)e11, CF-4(-5)e11 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-8.4 BB-8 .193/.260/.447 OPS-.708
RH--2b- 0.3 3b-1.1 HR-6.9 BB-8 .261/.322/.495 OPS-.817
1994 Mark Whiten STL Bats-S BAL-1R RF-3(-5)e17 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.4 3b-0 HR-5.9 BB-0 .324/.330/.491 OPS-.821
RH--2b- 6.9 3b-0.8 HR-6.4 BB-10 .319/.394/.606 OPS-1.001
Positives: arm, power. Negatives: OBP, errors

1995 Royce Clayton SF Bats-R BAL-1L SS-2e25 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-0 HR-5 BB-5 .250/.291/.432 OPS-.723
RH--2b- 6.85 3b-0.8 HR-0.4 BB-8 .227/.292/.325 OPS-.616
Probably a cheap Giants SS…………….

1995 Gary Disarcina CAL Bats-R BAL-1R SS-2e10 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH--2b- 17.2 3b-1.8 HR-1 BB-0 .309/.315/.531 OPS-.847
RH--2b- 8.2 3b-2.6 HR-2.3 BB-1 .361/.379/.552 OPS-.931
Angels 1990s SS…………….

1995 Jim Eisenreich PHI Bats-L BAL-6R RF/LF-3(+1)e0, CF-4(+1)e0 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-0 HR-0 BB-12 .181/.280/.209 OPS-.489
RH--2b- 7.3 3b-0.6 HR-3.9 BB-7 .416/.459/.618 OPS-1.077
Good story, nice platoon line vs RHP…………..

1995 Eric Karros LA Bats-R BAL- 1R 1b-3e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b-2 3b-2.5 HR-3.6 BB-10 .359/.431/.545 OPS-.975
RH--2b-5.7 3b-0 HR-11 BB-13 .344/.435/.760 OPS-1.195
1999 Eric Karros LA Bats-R BAL- 1L 1b-4e15 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b-3.5 3b-0 HR-11 BB-17 .359/.466/.765, OPS-1.231
RH--2b-9.8 3b-0 HR-7.5 BB-6 .354/.396/.674, OPS-1.071
Consistent power source for Dodgers for 12 seasons, good HR numbers vs RHP, cheaper power 1b for a RH park, and an add that should be made based on his 14 year career.

1995 Jim Leyritz NYY Bats-R BAL-4L C-3(+2)e1, 1b-4e11 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 2.1 3b-0 HR-4.5 BB-16 .299/.442/.480 OPS-.922
RH--2b- 4.25 3b-0 HR-1.5 BB-10 .198/.317/.293 OPS-.610
Decent platoon option, wish he had a better arm

1995 Mickey Morandini PHI Bats-L BAL-3R 2b-2e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.5 3b-2.8 HR-0 BB-4 .205/.262/.305 OPS-.568
RH--2b- 9.3 3b-1.8 HR-0.2 BB-6 .335/.396/.471 OPS-.868
Phillies 1990s 2b, god defense, good vs RHP………….

1996 Geronimo Berroa OAK Bats-R BAL-2L RF/LF-4(+1)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 8.3 3b-0 HR-8.5 BB-11 .377/.452/.733 OPS-1.184
RH--2b- 4.4 3b-0 HR-9.4 BB-5 .293/.339/.615 OPS-.954
A’s hitter from mid -1990s, not much in the field

1996 Marty Cordova MIN Bats-R BAL-E LF-2(0)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6 3b-1 HR-2.8 BB-11 .313/.402/.485 OPS-.887
RH--2b- 11.3 3b-0 HR-1.8 BB-7 .344/.405/.513 OPS-.918
Better in 1996 than his 1995 Rookie of the Year campaign

1996 John Jaha MIL Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-3e12 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7 3b-0 HR-6.8 BB-30 .433/.601/.791 OPS-1.392
RH--2b- 3 3b-0 HR-9 BB-16 .306/.421/.639 OPS-1.060
Brewers 1b, hits surprisingly well, not bad for an add…………

1996 Jeff King PIT Bats-R BAL-2L 1b-2e4, 3b-4e39, 2b-4e18 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.9 3b-3.65 HR-7.3 BB-19 .309/.437/.729 OPS-1.166
RH--2b- 6.1 3b-0 HR-7.5 BB-12 .265/.354/.566 OPS-.920
Pirates infielder, was about all they had left after everyone else shipped out……….

1996 Ryan Klesko ATL Bats-L BAL-7R 1b-4e25, LF-4(+1)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0.6 HR-2 BB-5 .175/.220/.245 OPS-.465
RH--2b- 2.6 3b-0.8 HR-11.6 BB-14 .312/.407/.730 OPS-1.138
His 1999 card is a 9R, but this one is just as good vs RHP and actually has a couple of hits vs LHP. Good platoon option for Braves of the 90s. Had a nice career for Braves and Padres

1996 Matt Mieske MIL Bats-R BAL-8L RF-2(-2)e2, RF-3(-2)e2,CF-4(-2)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 14.6 3b-3.6 HR-6.5 BB-5 .412/.444/.817 OPS-1.261
RH--2b- 2.4 3b-0 HR-2.8 BB-2 .189/.212/.290 OPS-.502
Brewers outfielder, play him vs LHP

1996 Dean Palmer TEX Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-3e18 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3 3b-0.8 HR-13.2 BB-7 .338/.393/.784 OPS-1.117
RH--2b- 3.2 3b-0 HR-9.2 BB-15 .309/.348/.645 OPS-1.063
14 year veteran, has some good power………..

1997 Jeromy Burnitz MIL Bats-L BAL-3R RF/LF-3(-1)e8, CF-4(-1)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.1 3b-1 HR-2.8 BB-7 .285/.345/.471 OPS-.816
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-2.8 HR-10.7 BB-18 .384/.425/.819 OPS-1.244
Power guy for Brewers, nice HR vs RHP. His other cards have bad defense, and his offense doesn’t make up for it….

1997 Ron Coomer MIN Bats-R BAL-6L 3b-3e14, 1b-3e8, RF-4(+2)e25 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 12.9 3b-1.2 HR-2 BB-0 .488/.488/.686 OPS-1.174
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-0.2 HR-2.2 BB-0 .312/.312/.417 OPS-.729
Twins 3b, hits LHP well…………………..

1997 Neifi Perez COL Bats-S BAL-2L SS-2e24, 2b-2e8, 3b-3e65 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 5.2 3b-7.4 HR-1.8 BB-0 .350/.356/.593 OPS-.949
RH--2b- 2.3 3b-5.1 HR-2.8 BB-2 .307/.326/.504 OPS-.830
Check out Neifi’s triples, plus fact that he can play both SS and 2b very well……………..

1997 Matt Stairs OAK Bats-L BAL-1R RF/LF-4(-2)e7, 1b-4e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-15.3 BB-17 .253/.384/.767 OPS-1.151
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-0 HR-10.6 BB-16 .352/.460/.775/ OPS-1.235
Professional hitter. That’s a lot of HR, especially for a LH vs LHP. Would be fun………..

1997 John Valentin BOS Bats-R BAL-3R 3b-3e29, 2b-3e23 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 9 3b-0.6 HR-3.3 BB-16 .234.362/.456 OPS-.818
RH--2b- 10.9 3b-1.4 HR-3.5 BB-7 .402/.451/.644 OPS-1.096
Led League in Doubles, good line vs RHP, decent vs LHP. Don't ask about his 1995 Season, it's a little bit of an outlier on HR power and his defense is a SS-3e22, not enough to get used. This 1997 card is a much better option and highlights what he did: hit a lot of doubles off of the Monstah……….

1998 Derek Bell HOU Bats-R BAL-3L RF-2(-2)e9 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 11.7 3b-1 HR-5.7 BB-8 .432/.474/.740 OPS-1.214
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-0 HR-3.8 BB-8 .357/.411/.534 OPS-.944
Exciting outfielder for mid/late 1990s Astros

1998 Marvin Benard SF Bats-L BAL-5R RF/LF-2(+1)e5, CF-3(+1)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-20 .195/.359/.195 OPS-.555
RH--2b- 9.6 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-11 .395/.468/.572 OPS-1.039
9 year veteran, best years with SF, platoon vs RHP

1998 Jose Hernandez CHC Bats-R BAL-1L 3b-2e20, SS-3e28, 1b-4e25, 2b-4e25, CF/LF-3(0)e5 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 3.3 3b-4.4 HR-7.6 BB-8 .233/.290/.582 OPS-.872
RH--2b- 4.3 3b-1.2 HR-4.9 BB-6 .241/.283/.451 OPS-.734
Plays lots of positions, hits for some power…………

1998 Brian Jordan STL Bats-R BAL-3L RF/CF-2(-1)e11, 3b-4e37 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 14.1 3b-3.4 HR-5.1 BB-5 .439/.480/.798 OPS-1.278
RH--2b- 3.7 3b-1.5 HR-6.1 BB-6 .352/.406/.605 OPS-1.011
Two sport star’s best season, 15 year career, crazy he doesn’t yet have a card…………..
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Re: Nomination Ideas----PLAYERS WITH NO CARDS

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2000s Hitters

2000 Brad Ausmus DET Bats-R BAL-1L C-1(-3)e4, 1b-4e25, 3b-5e65 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.4 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-22 .336/.483/.391 OPS-.874
RH--2b- 3.85 3b-1.1 HR-1.8 BB-13 .233/.339/.353 OPS-.693
2002 Brad Ausmus HOU Bats-R BAL-3L C-1(-2)e1 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 3.2 3b-0 HR-3.7 BB-7 .338/.399/.484 OPS-.883
RH--2b- 2.7 3b-1 HR-1.6 BB-7 .232/.303/.329 OPS-.631
Either option would add to the team grouping, Astros exp doesn’t have a good defensive catcher

2000 Denny Hocking MIN Bats-S BAL-2R 2b-3e15, SS-3e14, 3b-3e17, CF/LF/RF-3(-2)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-1 HR-0 BB-20 .277/.411/.299 OPS-.710
RH--2b- 9.85 3b-1.4 HR-1.5 BB-10 .335/.397/.510 OPS-.907
Plays almost everywhere, hits good vs RHP, would be a nice add to the set with his ability to play 5-6 positions adequately

2000 Matt Lawton MIN Bats-L BAL-2R RF-2(0)e6, LF-3(0)e6, CF-4(0)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.6 3b-0.6 HR-2.4 BB-6 .304/.362/.415 OPS-.776
RH--2b- 11.1 3b-0 HR-1.7 BB-20 .341/.481/.532 OPS-1.013
12 year vet, Twins All Star RF, good stats especially vs RHP

2001 Cristian Guzman MIN Bats-S BAL-2L SS-2e30 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH--2b- 10.25 3b-9.1 HR-0.2 BB-0 .344/.356/.617 OPS-.973
RH--2b- 4.1 3b-3.8 HR-1.1 BB-0 .313/.326/.455 OPS-.781
Doubles and Triples, playable at SS….

2001 Paul Lo Duca LA Bats-R BAL-5L C-2(-1)e3, 1b-3e14, LF-4(0)e25 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 12.6 3b-0 HR-9.4 BB-4 .510/.542/.914 OPS-1.456
RH--2b- 5.4 3b-0 HR-7.1 BB-10 .340/.419/.621 OPS-1.040
2006 Paul Lo Duca NYM Bats-R BAL-1L C-3(+1)e3 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 11.1 3b-0 HR-2.7 BB-2 .387/.409/.571 OPS-.980
RH--2b- 8.85 3b-0 HR-1.7 BB-2 .349/.373/.481 OPS-.854
Good hitting catcher of the 2000s, 2001 is insane vs LHP, 2006 if you’re a Mets fan…………..

2001 Terrance Long OAK Bats-L BAL-1R RF/LF/CF-3(-1)e7 INJ Risk-0
LH--2b- 3.6 3b-0 HR-0.8 BB-5 .305/.338/.362 OPS-.700
RH--2b- 7.5 3b-1.2 HR-1 BB-4 .304/.330/.428 OPS-.758
Not a bad cheap add for all three OF spots, Bulletproof

2001 Joe McEwing NYM Bats-R BAL-E LF/RF-3(0)e2, 1b-4e30, 2b-4e41, SS-4e27, 3b-4e10 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9 3b-3.4 HR-6 BB-2 .243/.306/.585 OPS-.891
RH--2b- 4.7 3b-0.4 HR-1.3 BB-5 .363/.434/.459 OPS-.893
The Mets version of Denny Hocking, though not as good defensively

2001 Kevin Millar FLA Bats-R BAL-E 1b-3e13, 3b-4e18, LF/RF-4(+1)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 4.7 3b-0.4 HR1.3 BB-5 .363/.434/.459 OPS-.893
RH--2b- 11.25 3b-1.75 HR-7.3 BB-9 .364/.429/.742 OPS-1.171
2004 Kevin Millar BOS Bats-R BAL-1R 1b-4e17, LF/RF-5(+2)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 10.85 3b-0 HR-0.3 BB-10 .314/.422/.441 OPS-.863
RH--2b- 6 3b-0 HR-5 BB-14 .324/.456/.566 OPS-1.021
Cowboy up and get Millar into ATG.

2001 Shane Spencer NYY Bats-R BAL-5L LF/RF-2(-2)e3 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH--2b- 6.3 3b-0 HR-9.3 BB-3 .356/.392/.691 OPS-1.083
RH--2b- 3.3 3b-1.2 HR-2.3 BB-8 .228/.307/.357 OPS-.664
Yankees lefty killer………………………….

2002 Pat Burrell PHI Bats-R BAL-3L LF-3(-2)e6 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0 HR-14.35 BB-33 .378/.574/1.016 OPS- 1.590
RH--2b- 7.9 3b-0.3 HR-8.25 BB-13 .302/.393/.655 OPS-1.047
Phillies star of 2000s, hits LHP extremely well, pretty good vs RHP….

2002 David Eckstein CAL Bats-R BAL-1L SS-3e16 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.75 3b-1.6 HR-1.25 BB-8 .348/.450/.462 OPS-.913
RH--2b- 0.3 3b-1.2 HR-1.75 BB-5 .326/.413/.411 OPS-.824
Cheap, Good OBP, not great D………….

2002 Jacques Jones MIN Bats-L BAL-7R LF-2(-1)e6 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 4.75 3b-0.6 HR-0.75 BB-4 .182/.220/.262 OPS-.482
RH--2b- 7.9 3b-0 HR-9.6 BB-3 .396/.418/.749 OPS-1.167
10 year vet, really good line vs RHP

2002 Randy Winn TB Bats-R BAL-3L CF/RF-2(0)e3 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 6.9 3b-4.95 HR-2.7 BB-3 .415/.442/.655 OPS-1.097
RH--2b- 6.7 3b-1.6 HR-1.7 BB-10 .299/.377/.455 OPS-.832
Rays OF, better vs LHP…………..

2003 Angel Berroa KC Bats-R BAL-3L SS-2e25 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.55 3b-0.45 HR-6.3 BB-0 .337/.380/.606 OPS-.986
RH--2b- 4.45 3b-3 HR-0 BB-4 .329/.397/.437 OPS-.834
Not much good going with early 2000s Royals, but this guy was Rookie of the Year in 2003

2003 Hank Blalock TEX Bats-L BAL-8R 3b-4e18, 2b-4e71 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-1.85 BB-2 .162/.177/.214 OPS-.391
RH--2b- 8.35 3b-0.75 HR-8 BB-7 .376/.417/.711 OPS-1.128
Rangers slugging 3b, hit RHP

2003 Frank Catalanotto TOR Bats-L BAL-6R 1b-4e30, LF/RF-4(+1)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 2.95 3b-2.4 HR-0.25 BB-12 .076/.205/.168 OPS-.372
RH--2b- 8.8 3b-1.8 HR-2.5 BB-3 .354/.390/.549 OPS-.939
Pesky little hitter, good platoon vs RHP

2003 Ramon Hernandez OAK Bats-R BAL-4R C-2(-1)e1 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0.75 3b-0.8 HR-5.65 BB-2 .176/.229/.367 OPS-.596
RH--2b- 5.55 3b-0 HR-5.75 BB-7 .345/.418/.582 OPS-1.000
Good A’s & Padres catcher, nice platoon vs RHP

2003 Geoff Jenkins MIL Bats-L BAL-4R LF-2(-2)e0 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 5.15 3b-0 HR-2.15 BB-3 .280/.320/.394 OPS-.714
RH--2b- 8.7 3b-0.3 HR-8 BB-12 .328/.421/.686 OPS-1.107
2005 Geoff Jenkins MIL Bats-L BAL-2R RF-2(-2)e6 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 14.4 3b0 HR-3.3 BB-7 .259/.355/.518 OPS-.873
RH--2b- 7.15 3b-0 HR-6.6 BB-8 .346/.437/.636 OPS-1.073
Good Brewers OF, Brett Favre look alike………………

2003 Reed Johnson TOR Bats-R BAL-3L LF/RF-3(0)e7, CF-4(0)e7 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 9.5 3b-0 HR-4.75 BB-2 .367/.438/.615 OPS-1.052
RH--2b- 1.95 3b-0.8 HR-0.25 BB-2 .292/.371/.337 OPS-.708
A good LH platoon option for the Blue Jays

2003 Mike Matheny STL Bats-R BAL-2L C-1(-1)e0, 1b-5e25 INJ Risk-15(2Rating)
LH--2b- 4.2 3b-0 HR-3.1 BB-0 .347/.353/.473 OPS-.826
RH--2b- 2.05 3b-0.8 HR-3 BB-2 .250/.270/.370 OPS-.640
Cardinals catcher and later manager, good defense

2003 Bengie Molina CAL Bats-R BAL-3L C-1(-3)e1 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH--2b- 8.45 3b-0 HR-10.8 BB-0 .313/.319/.695 OPS-1.014
RH--2b- 5.75 3b-0 HR-2.25 BB-0 .294/.301/.411 OPS-.712
Another Molina, good vs LHP………………

2003 Craig Wilson PIT Bats-R BAL-6L C-4(0)e1, 1b-4e19, RF/LF-4(-1)e9 INJ Risk-15(2Rating)
LH--2b- 3.9 3b-1 HR-15 BB-21 .350/.525/.994 OPS-1.519
RH--2b-3.3 3b-2.25 HR-4 BB-4 .223/.316/.431 OPS-.747
Pirates platoon guy, REALLY mashes LHP, can play Catcher, 1b, or OF Corners

2004 Sean Casey CIN Bats-L BAL-E 1b-3e9 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 4.4 3b-0 HR-7.6 BB-8 .361/.432/.645 OPS-1.077
RH--2b- 12 3b-0.2 HR-3.8 BB-3 .444/.480/.677 OPS-1.157
Very nice hitter with a 12 year career, this is his best.

2004 Adam Dunn CIN Bats-L BAL-2R LF-4(0)e9, 1b-3e10 INJ Risk-3 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 3.1 3b-0 HR-7 BB-21 .267/.423/.551 OPS-.974
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-0 HR-13 BB-22 .254/.420/.797 OPS-1.217
Three Outcome Guy, lots of HR & OBP, this card is playable at 1b, making it one of his best (Some defense pretty bad)

2005 Adam Everett HOU Bats-R BAL-3R SS-1e16 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0.5 HR-0 BB-1 .174/.205/.184 OPS-.388
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-0.15 HR-2.5 BB-2 .248/.282/.379 OPS-.661
Nice 1 at SS for Astros, not much with bat

2004 Khalil Greene SD Bats-R BAL-2L SS-2e24 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 1.8 3b-2.4 HR-9.2 BB-7 .342/.403/.689 OPS-1.092
RH--2b- 8.5 3b-0.6 HR-1.5 BB-10 .283/.369/.433 OPS-.802
Pretty good line vs LHP, good D for Padres

2004 Cesar Izturis LA Bats-S BAL-1R SS-1e10 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 0.8 3b-1.6 HR-1.4 BB-0 .276/.276/.350 OPS-.627
RH--2b- 4.8 3b-2 HR-1.2 BB-3 .308/.327/.426 OPS-.754
Gives Dodgers exp as good defensive SS

2004 Gabe Kapler BOS Bats-R BAL-4L RF/LF-2(-2)e8, CF-4(-2)e8 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8.3 3b-1 HR-3.3 BB-0 .353/.365/.543 OPS-.908
RH--2b- 0.4 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-6 .205/.264/.281 OPS-.545
Platoon player, good defense in outfield corners

2004 Carlos Lee CWS Bats-R BAL-E LF-4(+1)e0 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 3.55 3b-0 HR-7.5 BB-13 .332/.425/.612 OPS-1.037
RH--2b- 7.75 3b-0 HR-5.8 BB-8 .334/.395/.589 OPS-.984
This guy was accomplished hitter, and a train wreck in the OF. You’ll take that 4(+1)e0 and you’ll like it…………….

2004 Hideki Matsui NYY Bats-L BAL-3R LF-3(0)e7, CF-4(0)e7 INJ Risk-0 ADDED TO SET
LH--2b- 2 3b-1.45 HR-3.5 BB-16 .288/.400/.455 OPS-.855
RH--2b- 7.2 3b-0 HR-8.6 BB-18 .370/.481/.740 OPS-1.220
No card for this guy, he was involved in a lot of AL action in the 2000s, good vs RHP, Bulletproof

2005 Kevin Mench TEX Bats-R BAL-4L LF/Rf-3(-1)e4 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 9.5 3b-2.4 HR-9.1 BB-14 .326/.426/.778 OPS-1.204
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-0 HR-4.8 BB-7 .255/.317/.449 OPS-.766
Rangers Lefty Masher……………….

2004 Corey Patterson CHC Bats-L BAL-2L CF-2(-2)e1 INJ Risk-3
LH-2b- 3.2 3b-1.8 HR-6.8 BB-1 .339/.357/.597 OPS-.954
RH--2b- 5.5 3b-1 HR-3.9 BB-3 .240/.275/.426 OPS-.701
Cubs CF for those mid 2000s teams…………….

2004 Brian Schneider MON Bats-L BAL-E C-2(-3)e1 INJ Risk-15(2 Rating)
LH--2b- 0 3b-3.9 HR-1.8 BB-0 .250/.264/.372 OPS-.636
RH--2b- 5.7 3b-0 HR-2.5 BB-6 .266/.320/.398 OPS-.718
Expos catcher, good arm……………..

2004 Brad Wilkerson MON Bats-L BAL-1L 1b-2e8, CF/LF/RF-2(-2)e7 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.9 3b-0.3 HR-7 BB-14 .318/.419/.639 OPS-1.059
RH--2b- 6.7 3b-0 HR-7.3 BB-25 .204/.403/.554 OPS-.957
Expos under-the-radar star, always had good OBP & Power, Can play any OF position very well defensively

2004 Jack Wilson PIT Bats-R BAL-2R SS-2e18 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 2.7 3b-4.9 HR-6.1 BB-0 .260/.267/.548 OPS-.815
RH--2b- 7.8 3b-3 HR-2.4 BB-0 .371/.376/.567 OPS-.943
Pirates SS, decent hitting stats…………

2005 Morgan Ensberg HOU Bats-R BAL-E 3b-2e17 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 7.15 3b-0 HR-8.1 BB-22 .311/.470/.690 OPS-1.160
RH--2b- 3.8 3b-0.3 HR-8.9 BB-18 .281/.421/.637 OPS-1.058
Astros 3b, no card in the set, nice offensively and defensively

2005 Brandon Inge DET Bats-R BAL-2L 3b-3e24, LF-4(-2)e7 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5.7 3b-0 HR-4.6 BB-23 .308/.462/.540 OPS-1.003
RH--2b- 3.75 3b-3 HR-1.7 BB-15 .279/.386/.441 OPS-.827
Spark plug for mid-2000s Tigers………………….

2005 Adam Kennedy CAL Bats-L BAL-1R 2b-2e6 INJ Risk-15(3 Rating)
LH--2b- 3.4 3b-0 HR-0 BB-2 .338/.369/.371 OPS-.740
RH--2b- 6.4 3b-0 HR-1.4 BB-1 .313/.339/.414 OPS-.753
Angels 2b, strong defense, oft-injured

2005 Scott Podsednik CWS Bats-L BAL-1L LF-2(+)e4, CF-3(+2)e4 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 0 3b-0 HR-0 BB-14 .372/.459/.372 OPS-.831
RH--2b- 6.6 3b-0 HR-0 BB-8 .304/.362/.371 OPS-.733
White Sox speed guy for 2005 World Champions , didn’t homer all season, then homered in the ALDS & World Series

2005 Richie Sexson SEA Bats-R BAL-4L 1b-3e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 10.2 3b-1 HR-10.6 BB-27 .432/.585/.989 OPS-1.573
RH--2b- 5.2 3b-0 HR-11 BB-19 .251/.397/.690 OPS-1.087
Good 2000s power source, this is his best card……………

2005 Gregg Zaun TOR Bats-S BAL-2L C-3(0)e4 INJ Risk-15(3Rating)
LH--2b- 3.9 3b-1.2 HR-3 BB-20 .281/.414/.455 OPS-.868
RH--2b- 1.2 3b-0 HR-2.1 BB-21 .209/.363/.295 OPS-.658
Blue Jays catcher with good OBP

2006 Joe Crede CWS Bats-R BAL-E 3b-1e12 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 7.8 3b-0 HR-7.3 BB-8 .236/.313/.540 OPS-.854
RH--2b- 4.5 3b-0 HR-7.3 BB-0 .290/.309/.539 OPS-.848
White Sox 3b, very good defense, some power

2006 Raul Ibanez SEA Bats-L BAL-5R LF-4(0)e2 INJ Risk-In Game
LH--2b- 5.6 3b-0 HR-1.6 BB-8 .235/.292/.337 OPS-.629
RH--2b- 4.7 3b-1.5 HR-10.8 BB-6 .342/.379/.734 OPS-1.113
2009 Raul Ibanez PHI Bats-L BAL-3L LF-4(0)e3 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 8 3b-0.8 HR-13.7 BB-12 .312/.401/.851 OPS-1.252
RH--2b- 6.3 3b-0.3 HR-8.5 BB-7 .259/.320.584 OPS-.905
Two different cards, 2006 good vs RHP, 2009 vs LHP, pick your poison

2006 Nick Johnson WSN Bats-L BAL-1L 1b-3e17 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 10.7 3b-0 HR-4 BB-29 .381/.576/.685 OPS-1.261
RH--2b- 10.3 3b-0 HR-6.7 BB-22 .311/.483/.686 OPS-1.170
Guy just couldn’t stay healthy, except in 2006. GREAT OBP

2006 Gary Matthews Jr TEX Bats-S BAL-2L CF/RF-2(-1)e8 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 12.2 3b-1 HR-6.6 BB-10 .348/.414/.698 OPS-1.113
RH--2b- 6.9 3b-1.2 HR-1.7 BB-7 .343/.391/.486 OPS-.877
Rangers star, no card

2006 Lyle Overbay TOR Bats-L BAL-3R 1b-2e10 INJ Risk-3
LH--2b- 5 3b-0 HR-1.1 BB-0 .318/.325/.394 OPS-.718
RH--2b- 11.8 3b-0 HR-5.1 BB-11 .362/.433/.644 OPS-1.077
Lots of doubles, good 14 year career

2016 Jake Marisnick HOU Bats-R BAL-2L CF/LF/RF-1(-2)e2 INJ Risk-15
LH--2b- 10.6 3b-1.4 HR-1.8 BB-6 .191/.243/.377 OPS-.620
RH--2b- 5.1 3b-0 HR-2.4 BB-2 .131/.155/.246 OPS-.401
Check out Marisnick, GREAT defensively, and bad enough offensively that he may be a good cheap scrub.
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Re: Nomination Ideas----HiTTERS WITH NO CARDS

PostMon Jun 01, 2020 2:18 pm

I'm wondering about the 2008 Manny Ramirez Dodger card ONLY. Or do split league cards not count? It would be a beast!


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Re: Nomination Ideas----HiTTERS WITH NO CARDS

PostWed Jun 03, 2020 11:15 pm

STEVE F wrote:I'm wondering about the 2008 Manny Ramirez Dodger card ONLY. Or do split league cards not count? It would be a beast!

It's not a Split Card; Combined with BOS.


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Re: Nomination Ideas----HiTTERS WITH NO CARDS

PostThu Jun 04, 2020 1:41 pm

Terry Shumpert had a 14 year career with no card. 1999 COL 304 plate appearances 347/413/584

Milton Bradley 12 years no card 2008 TEX LF/RF 4(0)25 2 inj 3L 321/436/563/ 999 OPS

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