18.3 Direction

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george barnard

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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostFri Jun 22, 2018 4:58 pm

I would start the second base conversation with:

2017 Jose Altuve

1912 Larry Doyle .330/.393/.471 MVP

1914 Johnny Evers .279/.390/.338 MVP

1931 Frankie Frisch .311/.368/.396 MVP

1937 Charlie Gehringer .371/.458/.520 MVP

1925 Rogers Hornsby .403/.489/.756 Triple Crown, MVP

1894 Bobby Lowe .346/.401/.520

1966 Joe Morgan .285/.410/.391 an Astro card for Joe

1883 Jack Burdock .330/.353/.475

1941 Creepy Crespie .279/.355/.350 better card

1945 George Hausmann .279/.356/.339

1908 Amby McConnell .279/.343/.335

1977 Don Money .279/.348/.470 2B primary position (along with lf and 3B)

1939 Heinie Mueller .279/.342/.437 also plays SS, 3B, LF, RF switch-hitter

1954 Danny O'Connell .279/.326/.357 also plays SS, 3B, 1B

1991 Lou Whitaker .279/.391/.489

1997 Roberto Alomar .333/.390/.500

1969 Mike Andrews .293/.390/.455 much better card

2003 Marcus Giles .316/.390/.526 if I remember, a pretty mean platoon player

1924 George Grantham .316/.390/.458

1907 Otto Knabe .255/.339/.338

1981 Jerry Remy .307/.368/.338

1927 Lew Fonseca .311/.333/.404

1996 Rex Hudler .311/.337/.553

1912 Frank Laporte .311/.366/.393

1998 Fernando Vina .311/.386/.427

1997 Craig Counsell .299/.376/.396

1921 Rogers Hornsby .397/.458/.639 also eligible at lf, ss, 1B, 3B

1930 Frankie Frisch .346/.407/.520

1960 Pete Runnels .320/.401/.394 also corner infielder

1951 Eddie Stanky .247/.401/.369

1969 Horace Clarke .285/.339/.367

2008 Mark DeRosa .285/.376/.481 all infield positions plus corner outfield

1993 Scott Fletcher .285/.341/.402

2011 Howie Kendrick .285/.338/.464

2005 Hector Luna .285/.344/.409 all positions except C & 1B

1945 Eddie Mayo .285/.347/.405 better card

1999 Pokey Reese .285/.330/.417

Hack Wilson

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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostSat Jun 23, 2018 7:09 pm

We need more cheap catchers for platooning purposes. That is in addition to the cheaper middle infielders for platooning purposes. 8-)


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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostSat Jun 23, 2018 10:00 pm

1979 Paul Molitor, Brewers .322 9 62 .372 .469 .842 33 SBs 16 TR. Not only is Molitor a great lead off option, but the Brewers could use an upgrade at 2B in franchise leagues. If memory serves correctly, Molitor was a 2 at 2B in 1979.


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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostSat Jun 23, 2018 11:01 pm

A couple catchers might also be considered from the Pirates during the 1920s. Johnny Gooch who batted .329 Fld% .970 SB 59 CS 48. Also, checkout OF Carson Bigbee...

Earl Smith 1925 Pirates BA .369 and I think in 1926 .346.

Both part time an should be good platoon players.

Cotton Tierney was also a utility player batting .350.


Luis Salazar .337BA 169 ABs 7 triples utility guy (everybody wanted him)
Broderick Perkins 1B .370 BA pounded righties

1980 Padres


Delivery Boy...


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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostMon Jun 25, 2018 3:04 pm

Rosie2167 wrote:
BC15NY wrote:
Rosie2167 wrote:18.3 will consist of one whole team and 25 other cards. I've started a thread for the team so here's my take on the other 25.

IN based on just missing from 18.2
Ron Gant 1990, BRV OF
Carlos Baerga** 1993 CLV 2B
Mike* Hampton 1999 HOU SP
RA Dickey 2012 NYM SP
Rich Aurilla 2001 GIA SS

Leaving us with 20 spots. In reviewing the cards added to date we have recently neglected 2B, zero added the last two runs. So lets allocate 5 spots to 2B and the remaining spots to pitchers and batters with a 5R+ or 5L+ balance. We've long bantered about platoon players but most of the time they fall short in the vote against the big boy cards, but we all know they have a significant place in ATG. So unless anyone has a huge issue with this direction (speak now), I'm suggesting we do the following...

5 cards listed above
1 team add of 25 cards
2B add of 5 cards
5R/L+ add of 15 cards


Works for me. I'd like to see the platoon parameters set at 4L+/4R+ though.


Curious on your suggestion on the line being 4+. The perspective I used was the closer we get to E the bigger $$ the cards will probably be...and the less true platoon players will be vote in.

There are some 4L/4R cards that would be good adds in my opinion and not too expensive. I'd like to see them have a shot at getting in via the platoon add. My top choice is 2007 Jonny Gomes (the Rays really need a better Gomes card than the .50 card we were given), followed by the 1973 Thurman Munson card.

For cards at 5+, I like the 5L 2015 Evan Longoria, 9R 2012 Jake McGee, and 9R 1999 Ryan Klesko cards.

The Last Druid

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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostMon Jun 25, 2018 8:23 pm

The last few years have seen a bumper crop of great 2b cards. I'd like to see at least 3 of the adds coming from the contemporary studs.

That said we only have two so so seasons of Frank White. Two good years, both serving as excellent platoons are his '82 and '86 cards. The latter is a 2R with 22 hrs. at least 5 of which are on a straight 1-8 roll, not to mention the highly useful 8# ball park hrs. vs righties. The 3L '82 card tilts to the left and is much better than his two present cards.

Felix Mantilla had a great season for the Red Sox in 1964. Second base was his primary position although he seemed to play everywhere except pitcher and catcher, although the Back to the 60's cards omits his playing rf and cf which he did per Baseball Reference.


Now for the golden age guys. Altuve should be in, last year might be his best year.

D.J. Lemahieu is nice and even, amazing d and his hitting is basically Schoendienst during his best year.

Daniel Murphy, three breakout years in a row at 2B


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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostMon Jun 25, 2018 8:33 pm

2B Possibilities. Both 1st timers.

Cupid Childs, no card. Preferably 1897.(yeah, from pre 1901, but late 1890's when rules were more consistent with the modern game.)

Morrie Rath, no card 1912. From the unusual, I present Rath. His defensive skills were on a level with Collins (if not better). His OPCT was exceptional, which led to his ratio of Runs Scored to RBI (104-19). If not interested in that year, how about 1919, the year he was plunked in game 1 of the World Series...yes,to signal the fix was in.


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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostMon Jun 25, 2018 10:21 pm

I'd like to see 1969 Horace Clarke added. A 2 at 2B, with a nice card vs lefties and good speed.



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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostSat Jun 30, 2018 11:08 am

Some 2b options, taking into account older and newer players, franchise needs, etc.:

1926 Tommy Thevenow STL Bats-R, Bal-E , DEF-2b-2e43, 256/391/311 OPS-702
1936 Jackie Hayes CWS Bats-R, Bal-E , DEF-2b-2e25/3b-3e27, 312/366/444 OPS-810
1947 Emil Verban PHI Bats-R, Bal-E, DEF-2b-2e16, 285/316/341 OPS-657
1953 Davey Williams NYG Bats-R, Bal-1L, DEF-2b-2e14, 297/382/368 OPS-750
1959 Frank Bolling DET R, Bal-2R, DEF-2b-1e11, 266/329/403 OPS-732, PostWar Tigers need better defender
1962 Billy Moran CAL Bats-R, Bal-1L, DEF-2b-2e13, 282/324/407 OPS-731, early Angels star
1963 Tony Taylor PHI Bats-R, Bal-1R, DEF-2b-2e12/3b-3e12, 281/330/367 OPS-697, needs better representation
1973 Tito Fuentes SF Bats-S, Bal-E, DEF-2b-2e6/3b-3e37, 277/328/358 OPS-686
1983 Glenn Hubbard ATL Bats-R, Bal-2L, DEF-2b-2e14, 263/334/402 OPS-736
1983 Julio Cruz CWS S, Bal-2L, DEF-2b-1e15, 252/317/326 OPS-643, speed and defense
1986 Frank White KCR Bats-R, Bal-2R, DEF-2b-1e11/3b-4e27, 272/322/465 OPS-787, better card
1988 Jose Lind PIT Bats-R, Bal-1R, DEF-2b-1e12, 262/308/324 OPS-632
1990 Jody Reed BOS Bats-R, Bal-E, DEF-2b-2e10/SS-4e42, 289/371/390 OPS-761
1995 Mickey Morandini PHI Bats-L, Bal-3R, DEF-2b-2e10, 283/350/417 OPS-767
1999 Pokey Reese CIN Bats-R, Bal-1L, DEF-2b-1e8,/SS-2e48, 285/330/417 OPS-747
2003 Marcus Giles ATL Bats-R, Bal-2R, DEF-2b-2e17, 316/390/526 OPS-916
2003 Michael Young TEX Bats-R, Bal-E, DEF-2b-1e10/SS-3e25, 306/339/446 OPS-785
2010 Martin Prado ATL Bats-R, Bal-2R, DEF-2b-2e10/3b-3e19/1b-3e8, 307/350/459 OPS-809
2011 Ian Kinsler TEX Bats-R, Bal-1L, DEF-2b-2e12, 255/355/477 OPS-832
2011 Howie Kendrick CAL Bats-R, Bal-1L, DEF-2b-2e6/1b-3e13/LF-4(+1)10, 285/338/464 OPS-802
2011 Brandon Phillips CIN Bats-R, Bal-E, DEF-2b-1e6, 300/353/457 OPS-810
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Re: 18.3 Direction

PostSat Jun 30, 2018 11:28 am

Some 5L-9L Options:

2003 Milton Bradley CLE Bats-S, BAL-5L, DEF-CF-2(-2)3, 321/421/501 OPS-922
1999 Mike Lieberthal PHI Bats-R, BAL-5L, DEF-C-1(-3)3, 300/363/551 OPS-914, Great C option
2002 Mark Bellhorn CHC Bats-S, BAL-5L, DEF-2b-3e15/3b-3e17/1b-4e16/SS-4e17/LF-4(+2)17, 258/374/512 OPS-886, OPS poster boy
2006 Freddy Sanchez PIT Bats-R, BAL-5L, DEF-2b-2e6/SS-3e24/3b-2e10, 344/378/473 OPS-851, Batting Champ
1930 Samuel Byrd NYY Bats-R, BAL-5L, DEF-LF/RF-1(+1)3/CF-2, 284/371/440 OPS-811, Yankee LH killer
2009 Franklin Gutierrez SEA Bats-R, BAL-5L, DEF-CF-1(-2)8, 283/339/425 OPS-764, CF platoon, defense great
2001 Shane Spencer NYY Bats-R, BAL-5L, DEF-LF/RF-2(-2)3, 258//315/428 OPS-743
1969 Ollie Brown SD Bats-R, BAL-5L, DEF-RF-2(-4)8, 264/319/412 OPS-731, Padres have lots of needs
1938 Johnny Rizzo PIT Bats-R, BAL-6L, DEF-LF-3(0)17, 301/368/514 OPS-882, Rookie Season, 6th in MVP
2003 Craig Wilson PIT Bats-R, BAL-6L, DEF-C-4(0)0/1b-4e19/RF/LF-4(-1)9, 262/360/511 OPS-871
1996 GlenAllen Hill SF Bats-R, BAL-6L, DEF-RF-4(-1)12, 280/344/499 OPS-843
1992 Dave Hollins PHI Bats-S, BAL-6L, DEF-3b-4e18/1b-4e25, 270/369/469 OPS-838
1951 Johnny Groth DET Bats-R, BAL-6L, DEF-LF-2(-1)3/CF-3, 299/349/393 OPS-742
1998 Gerald Williams ATL Bats-R, BAL-7L, DEF-OF-2(-1)12, 305/352/504 OPS-856
1978 Otto Velez TOR Bats-R, BAL-7L, DEF-1b-4e25/LF/RF-4(+1)8, 266/380/448 OPS-828
1996 Matt Mieske MIl Bats-R, BAL-8L, DEF-RF-2(-2)2/LF-3/CF-4, 278/324/471 OPS-795
1979 John Wockenfuss DET Bats-R, BAL-9L, DEF-C-4(+2)1/1b-4e7/LF/RF-4(0)7, 264/320/506 OPS-826, LHP Killer fan favorite

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