Daily Game Franchise + 26 League Has an Opening

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Daily Game Franchise + 26 League Has an Opening

PostSun Mar 05, 2023 2:49 pm

We are entering our sixth year, a time-tested format with a great core of owners.

Each team has exclusive use of its franchise-carded players, plus we draft 26 free agents each from the 18 non-league franchises. Prior to each preseason draft, teams keep 12 FA’s in the spring (season A) and 16 in the summer (season B). There are some fine points around that but that's the gist.

Tampa Bay is the available franchise. That’s not locked in though. TB is second in line for our spring franchise-swap draft; open franchises include Seattle, Baltimore, Houston and Philadelphia.

Please DM me or post here if you'd like to join or have questions.

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