Fairly New Here, just trying to learn...

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Fairly New Here, just trying to learn...

PostWed Aug 22, 2018 12:09 pm

Michael Conforto has a terrible SOM reputation as a lefty hitter vs. lefty pitching. His card is awful L vs L. Last night he goes 0 for 2 against Casey Stratton, a RHP, and then in the 8th hits a monster 3 run homer off Tony Watson, a LHP.

So this morning I look. His numbers dip against the LHPs but go up slightly against the RHPs. Makes no sense to me.

I actually see examples like this often, where guys are not "rewarded" for a good performance, yet other guys have mad swings with ho-hum performances.

Any ideas? (Like I thoought I was pretty smart last night grabbing FA Jeff McNeil at the end of the game after he went 4 for 4, and today his card has significantly changed.) That made sense to me. Conforto should have seen SOME uptick with that HR vs LHP, no?


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Re: Fairly New Here, just trying to learn...

PostThu Aug 23, 2018 6:08 pm

It's an inexact science for sure... I've seen much worse examples than the Conforto card, and so will you. But I've learned to take the bad with the good. It's a great game even with its flaws. Totally addictive.
I see what you're trying to do, and I've done it myself... I love the idea of beating everyone to the punch by snagging players at night, based on what I think their cards will look like the next day. But it's often disappointing. I had to learn to be patient and wait until I see the new cards with my own eyes. :)

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