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How things will play out - a little different than last year

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 5:32 pm
by Juiced JC
One thing I overlooked until today is the fact that 365 leagues work differently now than they did a year ago - there is now the concept of inviting teams into a league and setting yourself as "Ready for Draft" - so here is a run down of how things will play out over the next little while as we get started with the 60’s round of the tournament:

1.At 11:59 PM ET on Sunday night (tonight, January 10th) we will close the signups and not accepts any more entries. I will however open up a thread at that time for a "waiting list" for any late entries - we will try accommodate them as best we can, depending on the numbers. I will also start building a list of "fillers" in case we don't end up with a number of participants that is a divisible of 12.

2.At (or shortly after) 12:00 AM ET on Sunday night / Monday morning (January 11th at that point) I will use a randomizer website to generate a random order for all tournament participants. This will be used to assign participants to the 60’s leagues, for example, numbers 1-12 will form League 1, numbers 13-24 will form League 2, and so on. I will post this random list (with a timestamp for transparency) to the discussion forum right after it runs. Within 15 minutes (say by 12:15 AM ET on Sunday night), I will re-post the random list with the participants clearly broken into leagues, with 2 closers assigned to each league (note - the closer role is a litle different this year). You will need this final post to know exactly which league you are in, because there could be some decisions I make based on the numbers. For example, if we are 6 participants away from a number divisible by 12, I may assign only 10 teams to League 13, League 14 and League 15 so that we are spreading the “filler” teams across multiple leagues a little.

3.By 1:30 AM ET on Monday morning (January 11th), I will create all the 60's leagues and send out all of the invitations to the leagues based on the league assignments. These invites get sent to the email address that strat has in their database for you. Do not create your own league - it will be deleted if you do. Wait for me to create it and invite you.

4.By 2:00 AM ET on Monday morning (January 11th), I will create a Discussion Forum thread for each of the 60’s Leagues, where owners can post league specific messages. I ask that each participant posts a message there to indicate that they got their assignment, got the league invite code, and can indicate when they will join the league. It’s important that you do this check in so that the closers and I know you are going to be joining before the deadline. Otherwise, we might start looking to replace you if we think you aren’t joining. Please do not post the league invite code in the Discussion Forum. That would allow a non-tournament participant from stealing a spot.

5.By 12:00 PM ET on Monday (January 11th), you will receive a private message from me on the Discussion Forum site with the invite code for your assigned league. By this time you should have already received it by email, but it will also be sent here in case the email doesn't get to you. Make sure you check your inbox for this! A lot of 365 players don’t regularly check the Discussion Forum, or their inbox of PMs on this site, but it is critical that you do as part of this tournament.

6.From Monday January 11th to end of day Friday January 15th, all non-closers must join their assigned 60’s league and set themselves as "Ready for Draft". Closers can join but must NOT set themselves as "Ready for Draft" during this period. Closers have the responsibility to ensure the proper 10 non-closer teams are in and are "Ready to Draft", and they are responsible for NOT setting themsleves as "Ready for Draft" before Saturday January 16th. Why? Because all leagues must fill between Saturday January 16th and Friday January 22nd, so that waivers for all leagues run between Monday January 18th and Sunday January 24th. Why is this important? Because we want opening day for all 60's leagues to be Monday January 25th. The overall tournament standings are cleaner and more meaningful when all leagues have the same number of games played.

7.On Sunday January 24th, this process starts all over again as the opening day of the 70’s is just 2 weeks later on Monday February 8th. Just so you know, the league assignments for the 60’s have no bearing on the league assignments for the 70’s. The list is randomly generated again, so you are playing with a whole new group of people each decade, but there obviously is still the possibility one or two owners get randomly assigned to both your leagues.

If you have any questions at all, please let me know.

Juiced JC

Re: How things will play out - a little different than last

PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2021 10:59 pm
by mjsm01
What time zone do you live in? Sounds like an all nighter!

Re: How things will play out - a little different than last

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 1:15 pm
by Juiced JC
Invites were sent out to all 14 leagues late last night, but I do realize that not everyone will get that email if strat has an old email on file or if it gets filtered to a junk folder. I had prmised to send out invites via private messages by noon ET today, but I haven't done that yet....but I will by 5:00 PM ET. So if you haven't gotten your email inviting you to join your league please know you'll hear from me via private message later today.

Re: How things will play out - a little different than last

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 3:16 pm
by TallEd
Juiced, Can't say enough about how well this tourney has been run. Many thanks.
In my opinion, you should take the bonus points for running this tourney. You earned them.
I am "Ready to draft" in league # 1.

Re: How things will play out - a little different than last

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 3:36 pm
by somwillis1
Good afternoon Juiced, I'm in. This league is going to be awesome, thank you for organizing this.


Re: How things will play out - a little different than last

PostPosted: Sat Jan 16, 2021 1:00 am
by garmonaitis

Thank you for the work in putting this together. And the signup should be much easier, with being able to log-in as soon as you get your league assignment and having time to make your team draft ready. Suggestion. Ask people to log in immediately, so you know everyone is in, People can make their teams draft ready at a later time.

But the first thing is to make sure everyone is in their leagues.

Great job on this.