2020 Mystery Tournament - Final 12 Voting

the official tournament of the Mystery Card player sets

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Re: 2020 Mystery Tournament - Final 12 Voting

PostWed May 27, 2020 5:03 am

franky35 wrote:By my count, we have 11 votes (including one abstention).
1. 70s (13), 80s (9), 60s (6), 90s (2)
2. 80 mil - 8-2
3. DH - Yes, 10-0
4. Unique Stadiums - Yes 7-3
5. Repeat Stadiums - Yes 9-1
6. Seeded Divisions - 10-0
7. Live Draft - 10-0

If this is accurate, then, I am ready to make the first pick in the 70s (standings are not yet set, but I'm currently losing the 90s finals 3-1 to Rigged Splits, but I have the tie-break over Jomboy with 3 finals made, again, unofficially). Jomboy is 2nd, Rigged Splits is 3rd, the remaining order is tbd. Anyone object?

I've been confused about this post for a few days now. Is it not possible I have more points and the 1 pick without a tiebreaker? Nevermind. I've either won it all or lost first round so I forget you get 5 points for losing finals.
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Re: 2020 Mystery Tournament - Final 12 Voting

PostThu May 28, 2020 1:12 pm

divisions are:
East - 1,6,7,12 - franky, daveaq, stratorat, Icterus Galbuli
Central - 2,5,8,11 - jomboy, hallerose, Jimmy C, Moodywoody
West - 3,4,9,10 - Rigged Splits, pushpin, Jablowmi, Radagast Brown

one of these divisions looks much tougher than the others.

Icterus Galbuli

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Re: 2020 Mystery Tournament - Final 12 Voting

PostSun May 31, 2020 8:39 pm

Juiced JC wrote:Hi folks, a few notes:

1. Let's officially vote on the number of rounds that will be done here. No reason this shouldn't be decided up front. If you haven't already, please respond to say whether you want 12 rounds, 14 rounds, or some other even number. Please remember that a Ball Park will have to be one of your picks in this portion of the draft.
2. I will be here to monitor the draft. I can email or text you when it's your turn - just send me your contact details. Also, I can make a pick by proxy for you (if necessary at any point) if you give me a name (or names) in advance of when it is your turn if you think you won't be available when it's your turn.
3. We do still have to wait for a couple of 90s league finals to finish to know the exact draft order.

Not sure if this was ever decided...but I am enjoying the live draft and vote for 14 rounds (or 16 or 18.....)


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Re: 2020 Mystery Tournament - Final 12 Voting

PostFri Jun 26, 2020 1:25 pm

daveaq31 wrote:1.
FWIW - In future years I'd love to see the card set for the Finals chosen at random. This is the Mystery Game, after all.

bumping this idea... not that I'll make it to the Finals or anything, lol :mrgreen:

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