Attention Closers - don't join your leagues until Saturday

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Attention Closers - don't join your leagues until Saturday

PostTue Jan 21, 2020 8:10 am

Wow, great first day for loading leagues - 60% of non-closers have joined already! Two quick reminders:

1. If you have been assigned as a "closer" in your league, do not join the league before Saturday.
2. If you are a non-closer who has not yet joined your league, please "check in" with a note on your league's discussion thread to indicate when you think you will join. This just helps the closers and myself know that you will be joining before the end of the week, so that we know we don't have to track you down to communicate your league assignment and deadline. Closers should also post a note to let their league know they are ready to join on the weekend.

Juiced JC

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