90's Leagues Loading Progress

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90's Leagues Loading Progress

PostMon Mar 11, 2019 9:37 pm

We've got 38 of the 88 non-closers loaded already after three days. Not bad, but we've still got some work to do.

Our biggest challenge with the loading process is that some don't check the Discussion Forum or their Private Messages very often, so if you're willing please send a quick message on the main 365 site to your 60's, 70's and 80's leagues to let them know the 90's leagues are ready to join. If we just have a few people go in and send this message to all three of their active tournament leagues the word will get around to everyone.

We do NOT yet have a filler for League 8 and League 9. I have not been able to find non-tournament members willing to join this time. I guess the 90's just aren't as popular! Because of this, we may have to use the option of having tournament participants enter a second team as a filler in another league whose score does not count. Both seanreflex and gbrookes have offered, and I could do this as well if necessary. If you're interested in doing this as well, signup on the dedicated thread for that. My preference is still to find a few non-tournament participants for fillers if possible, but time is running out. If you find anyone from any of your other active non-tournament leagues, have them contact me.

I was also informed by one of our tournament participants, nurse wilson, that he wasn't going to continue with the tournament. So unless we can change nurse wilson's mind, we will need a third filler for the 90's.

Quick note to all 90's League 8 participants - please read the latest PM from me about the league website. The website for your league changed because the original league I created was auto-deleted because no one joined in the first 48 hours after creation.

Good luck with opening day of the 80's everyone. May all your card reveals be good ones!

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Re: 90's Leagues Loading Progress

PostTue Mar 12, 2019 2:01 pm

unclerowser will get in tonight.

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