90's Closers - do NOT join your league before Saturday

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90's Closers - do NOT join your league before Saturday

PostMon Mar 11, 2019 3:35 pm

Let me explain the need for closers again.

Each 12-team league has two closers assigned to it. The closers' responsibility is to not join their assigned league until each of the following has happened:
1) the proper 10 non-closer members have joined the league already
2) the specified earliest date for the closers to join has passed

The reason for this role is to prevent the wrong teams from joining your league, and to ensure that your league does not draft too early.

If you have been assigned the role of closer in your 90's league and you have already joined, please leave the league until your league has the right 10 teams and until Saturday March 16th has arrived.

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