Shifting Focus to the 90's

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Shifting Focus to the 90's

PostMon Mar 04, 2019 11:15 am

Thanks to all of your quick action and attention, we managed to get all 80's leagues drafted on the weekend and we did not lose any tournament participants at all this round. The tournament website has been updated to link the new 80's leagues to it, so we should be all set for 80's opening day a week from today on Monday March 11th. I must say, SOM support has done a fantastic job of updating the tournament website for us very quickly after I send them the information when our leagues have drafted.

So, now it’s time to shift focus on the 90's! Here’s the plan:

As per the pre-tournament plan, there is just two weeks between opening day of the 80's and the 90's. So opening day of the 90's will be Monday March 25th. At midnight Eastern time on Friday March 8th (Friday night / Saturday morning), I will run the randomizer to generate the list for the 90's leagues. For the sake of transparency, I will post this list (with a timestamp) immediately after generation. This list will have a randomized order – original signup order and 60's/70's/80's league assignments will have no impact on this new randomization. The top 12 names in the list will form League 1, names 13-24 will form League 2, and so on. We now have 106 tournament participants, so League 8 and League 9 will each only have 11 teams assigned to it as we will need two fillers to get to 108 for 9 leagues.

I will then create all 9 90's Leagues, and create a separate thread for each league listing the membership and a link to the league website to join. League passwords will be sent out via Private Message like they were for the 70's and 80's. This seems to be working well, and it will prevent people from joining the wrong league and it will prevent people who aren’t tournament participants from joining our leagues.

You will have 1 full week to load your 90's team into your assigned league – you will have 7 full days from Saturday March 9th through end of day Friday March 15th to load your teams. Hopefully this should give everyone a long period to join on time. Closers are not to join until Saturday March 16th at the earliest.

Thanks again for your quick action in getting the 80's leagues loaded. It results in a lot less headaches for me when everyone is paying attention and loading their teams when required.

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