possible 9th league

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possible 9th league

PostMon Jan 28, 2019 1:03 am

we could add a 9th league if there are 12 people (tournament players + any others) that want to play a 60s league by this Thursday. Right now, I count 3 extras that we couldn't find a place for in the tournament (pushpin, sebastian and either gonzo or newcar (to be decided). So, if 9 more could be recruited, we can have a 9th league. Recruits for the 9th league do not have to participate in the tournament if they don't want to, but priority will be given to those that want to participate in the full tournament.

Participants in the 9th league (if there is a 9th league) would be subject to special rules. If at least 11 of the players in the 9th league announce as full tournament participants, then the 9th league players are treated as full-rights tournament players and the 70s will go forward with 9 leagues. If less than 11 announce as full tournament participants, then they will be treated as wait-listers for the 70s in order of sign-ups. In past tournaments, there have been several people drop out at various stages of the tournament, but we might be able to start the 70s leg with 8 leagues and recruit enough to make a 9th (i.e., like the 60s). If we have 9 leagues in the 70s but it is clear that the 80s can have only 8 leagues (due to drop outs - I hope this doesn't happen but it has happened at least once before), then the 3 highest scorers on the wait list (measured at deadline for joining) will be moved to the top of wait list (this is getting crazy complicated but I want to ensure that no player in the running for the finals will be excluded). This rule will likely never be invoked because it would only come into play if there is a 9th 60s league and a provisional 9th 70s league and then just 8 leagues in the 80s (a quite unlikely series of events).

The bottom line is this, if we can get 12 to form a league by Thursday, we'll have a 9th league where people can enter the tournament.

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