Midnight Friday is deadline for non-closers

the official tournament of the Mystery Card player sets

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Midnight Friday is deadline for non-closers

PostWed Jan 23, 2019 6:18 pm

GMs who are not closers, must have their team entered by this Friday (midnight Eastern time). If you are not in by that time, your spot may be given to someone on the waiting list. On Saturday, we will ask people on the waiting list to check in. If you have checked in, and there are spots available on Sunday morning, you will be assigned a spot and the GM that has not entered will lose their spot and be placed at the end of the waiting list.

Closers must stay out til after the correct 10 non-closers are already in. Please double-check to ensure that the league has the correct players. Closers cannot, under any circumstances, join before Saturday. Relax, closers will not lose their spots (unless their league is full for several days and they do not respond after several attempts to contact). Closers are asked to have patience while the league fills.

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