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Frequently Asked Questions

PostWed Sep 05, 2012 1:35 pm

Q: I made a purchase but the credits did not show in my account!
A: E-mail with your first and last name as well as the order number if possible. They will be able to add the missing credits to your account quickly.

Q: I created a team with the wrong player set. Can you delete the team and add back the credit?
A: Actually you can change the player set yourself before you join a league. Go to the screen to fill out your draft list and right below your team name you will have the option to change not only the player set but the salary cap as well. If needed though, just send an e-mail and they will be able to delete the team.

Q: How do I join a private league?
A: Private leagues are, well, private. In order to join you need to get the password from the league commissioner. Often there are advertisements on the forum where commissioners are looking for more owners. Try responding to one of these ads or just make a new post letting people know you are looking for a league!

Q: I am over the cap and cannot drop a player as my roster is already at the minimum. HELP!
A: Just e-mail us at with the player you want to drop and a player you want to add and we will make the move for you to get you back under the cap.

Q: How come game replay is not working for me but it’s working for my friend?
A: One thing we have found with the game replay feature is it is not working for older Internet Explorer browsers. If you are having problems with this feature, try using a different browser or upgrade to Internet Explorer 9 and then see if it will work there.

(Updated 10/5/12)

Q: When will manager ratings be added back?
A: We are now in the process of restoring the ratings. To view the steps we need to take to do so, please follow this link.

Q: Is there a beginner’s guide to Strat-O-Matic Baseball Online?
A: The best way to learn about Baseball Online is by going to the help page located here: Besides the rules of the game itself there are links to help you learn how to read a hitters card ( or a pitchers card ( If you still have questions after going through those pages just ask us and we will be glad to help. Also, you can use the forum to ask a question as there are plenty of very knowledgeable people right here that can help you.

Q: When a player gets injured how come my backup does not replace him?
A: An in-game injury replacement does not use the depth chart. The computer manager chooses a replacement based on the game situation and who it feels is the best fit. However the depth chart is used for any game that the player will miss due to injury and your backup will start. The only exception to this is that the computer manager does not move a player off of the DH role. For example, let’s say I have Konerko listed as my starting 1B, Berkman as my backup 1B and starting DH, and Cairo as my 3rd string 1B. If Konerko is injured, the computer manager will keep Berkman in the DH spot in the lineup and skip him when choosing a new first baseman, which will be Cairo. If I wanted Berkman to start at 1B I would need to move him out of the DH role.

Q: My player hit a home run but the roll was a reading for a triple/out split roll? How does this happen?
A: This happened due to a Maximum Rule where triples can be stretched into home runs. Although this rule does not occur often, it does allow runners to take a chance to stretch hits into doubles, triples, or occasionally an inside-the-park home run.

Q: Is FantaSim coming back?
A: We have talked about it and will consider working on it in the future. However due to its revenue history relative to its developmental costs, it does not fit into our financial plans for the immediate term.

(Updated 4/4/13)

Q: Does the game take fatigue into account? Specifically do you have to rest low-PA/IP players?
A: No there are no usage limits for players. Players can play as long as they are healthy. Just remember that players with under 600 AB+BB can be hurt for up to 15 games at a time. Players between 600-679 AB+BB can only be injured for a maximum 3 games while any player over 680 AB+BB can only be injured for the current game. Also, players will not tire as the season continues. A players card will remain the same all year.

Q: What is all the data mean in the play-by-play?
A: Let's use the example inning shown below.
Code: Select all
0      T.Raines    2-4    Walk          b-1              F9
       Stolen Base                      1-2              F9
0 2    R.Ibanez    3-5    Fly Out (RF)  b-0              F9
1 2    D.Cruz      4-5    Fly Out (RF)  2-3 b-0          F9
2 3    C.Everett   5-10   Pop Out (C)   b-0    catch-x   F9

The first number shown is the number of outs in an inning. The next number is where the baserunners are. Raines leads off the inning so there are 0 outs and nothing is shown for the baserunners. Raines walks and steals second so there are still 0 outs but a man on second when Ibanez bats. Same for Cruz except there is now 1 out. When Everett comes to the plate there are 2 outs and a man on 3rd base. After the name is the dice roll followed by the result and what happened to the batter and any baserunners. When Cruz fouls out, 2-3 means the runner went from 2nd base to 3rd base while b-0 means the batter is out. The next space is for any x-chance results while the last reading is the pitchers fatigue rating.

Q: Can you use players out of position?
A: No you can't. Well technically you cannot. There is no way to place a player into a position in the lineup if he is not carded for there. However if you do not have any player at a position (either due to injury or you just do not have any player at that position) the computer manager will select a player to play there. However players will be given the worst possible rating for the position with an exception that the OF Moving Out of Position Rules from the Board Game are used for outfielders. For example, if your only CF is injured and your remaining outfielders are Ryan Braun, Michael Cuddyer, and Jay Bruce the game may use Braun in LF, Bruce in CF, and Cuddyer in RF even though none of those players are carded for CF.

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