Commissioner's Top 10 Pre-Tournament Ranking (2021)

the official tournament of the Mystery Card player sets

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Re: Commissioner's Top 10 Pre-Tournament Ranking (2021)

PostFri May 14, 2021 5:43 am

Jimmy_C wrote:Looking back at John's prognostications at the beginning of the Tournament.
He should be spending his time picking horses at the track and making the big bucks because he's got a really good crystal ball. :)

For his top 10 and honorable mentions... 9 managers are sitting in the top 24 to move on as of now.
Of course post season play can change some of the standings.
Moodywoody and Daveaq are in the post-season and will be trying to win their way into the top 24.
Jomboy was 100% correct about being jinxed (take it easy on him next year commish).
Rigged Splits (camped out in 2nd place) was worried about who he had to play against in his first 2 leagues, when they were the ones who should have been worried about him.

I thought I had some pretty good teams. Honestly thought Id win my division in every league. It was my time to choke I reckon. Jinx was real. I've come to accept terms of failing to honor my place in top 10. I'll gladly look in from the outside next year.


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Re: Commissioner's Top 10 Pre-Tournament Ranking (2021)

PostWed Oct 20, 2021 7:29 am

My first 2 leagues have Moody in them. Do I get a 5 point handicap? Per league? techzpod mobdro

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