We did it - all 80's leagues now drafted!

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We did it - all 80's leagues now drafted!

PostSun Feb 21, 2021 6:48 pm

Thanks everyone, we managed to get all 14 leagues drafted with a full week (or more) for all pre-seasons before March 1st opening day! And amazingly, we've managed to get all 168 participants into round 3!

I'll post in a couple of days exactly when I'll do the 90's round random league assignments. Probably a week from today on February 28th because opening day for the 90's is only 2 weeks after the start of the 80's round. So since this is coming soon, please do your best to sort out any account / credit card issues that resulted from the fraud problems so that the 90's loading is a little smoother than this round was.

Juiced JC

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