Hitter balance

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Hitter balance

PostWed Dec 09, 2020 9:39 pm

I'm new at this, so please be patient with my little mind. :) I'm trying to make sense of hitter balance. Let's say a player has a 7L hitter balance. This player has a .400 OBP. Does that mean that against lefties he's more like .500 OBP and against righties .350 OBP, averaging out to .400 OBP?

I'm just trying to decide on a strategy of using two $2 MIL players with wild lefty/righty splits (one player 7+ against righties, one player 7+ against lefties) in order to create one $6 MIL player. How does that work out? For each point increase in balance (1, 2, . . . 9) could you just assume the OBP (or any other stat) will bump up by a certain amount compared to his regular stats? What would that equation look like?

I've used player ratings spreadsheets for the physical card game, and those offer the hit numbers on lefties versus righties. But there doesn't seem to be such a thing for 365. I'm playing ATG mostly.


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Re: Hitter balance

PostThu Dec 10, 2020 9:13 pm

If you look at the actual card, right below, it will show you their approximate OBP against righties and lefties in your home ballpark (it’s a horizontal bar graph), and the other ballparks in your division.


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Re: Hitter balance

PostFri Dec 11, 2020 12:13 am

The higher balance number may be because of more on-base percentage, higher batting average, and/or more power/slugging. Also, the balance rating is relative to the other side of his card. In other words, 9L simply means he hits lefties a lot better than righties. So maybe he hit .000 against right-handed pitching and a "whopping" .240 against left-handed pitching.

The best way to tell is to look at the card itself to determine if a player is someone you want to use in a platoon or full-time role. The more balanced a player is, the more you can simply rely on his season statistics. However, even then cards are affected by the season and which ballpark a player played in.

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