Can HAL handle a platoon double switch?

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Can HAL handle a platoon double switch?

PostSun Jul 28, 2019 9:54 am

I don't see a way to select it with the lineups. I am trying to set the Hitter Prefs so that HAL might figure it out. For a human, it is a no-brainer.

2018 unleashed card set. I have Whit Merrifield (2e10 at 2B and 3e11 at 1B), Ozzie Albies (2e11 at 2B), and Rowdy Tellez (4e24 at 1B). You can already see what I want to do considering how Tellez hits RHP and Albies hits LHP. What I need is for HAL to figure out how to 'double switch' Merrifield between 2B and 1B as the situation indicates.

RHP replacing LHP, Tellez hits for Albies and goes to 1B with Merrifield going to 2B.
LHP replacing RHP, Albies hits for Tellez and goes to 2B with Merrifield going to 1B.

Unfortunately, I think Hal will either ignore it or completely screw it up. Not exactly recently, but, I had a mix like that in ATG8 where not only did HAL screw up the infielders, he also thought it was appropriate to swap my catchers in the process.

Anyone have some experience and advice for this?


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Re: Can HAL handle a platoon double switch?

PostSun Jul 28, 2019 6:18 pm

NO--Hal can't pull that off.

Hal makes doubles switches all the time--just seldom ones that make much sense.

The new platoon PH feature helped--but it is a hard platoon switch that will make the switch in any situation--two outs no one on etc--when you would just as soon keep the starter in. Also platoon PH has to be at same position--HAL can't move them around like you want in your example--thats an achilles heal of the Platoon PH feature.

I had hoped Strat would allow any hitter on the roster to platoon PH then let HAL do the defensive subs--but they didn't do it that way, I don't know why--because in standard PH (Strategy listed PH vs L/R) situations Hal will even move people out of position after a PH.

I would try listing Albies in strategy at PH vs LH--and hope Hal makes the switch--but odds are it won't work out. Even if Albies PHed for Tellez--Hal probably would not bring Albies in the game--subbing some other 1B unless Merrifield was the only other 1B left.

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