Extreme Lone Wolf Ballpark Strategy

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Chris Franco

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Extreme Lone Wolf Ballpark Strategy

PostWed Dec 19, 2018 12:20 pm

So. I need strategy help...

ATG league about to start...

Before the auto draft we all drafted ballparks by email...

I’m in an extreme lefty power park...1956 Yankee Stadium...

One other gm in the league has a hitters park....1957 Briggs...

EVERY other park in the league is either a pitchers park or a righty power park...

1959 Wrigley
1957 Comiskey
1951 Crosley
1957 Forbes
1957 Municipal
1957 Connie Mack
1957 Cleveland
1954 Forbes
1957 Wrigley
1957 County

I don’t have my division set yet.

I’ve never been in a situation like this ...How would YOU stack your Team in the auto draft?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Extreme Lone Wolf Ballpark Strategy

PostWed Dec 19, 2018 5:08 pm

Hi Chris! There are others that can give you a better answer, but I will share my opinion on this issue. First of all, I would try to not overthink it too much. I would be comfortable emphasizing the ballpark advantage while maybe reserving 2, or a maximum of 3, spots in the order that can be successful in other ballparks. If it turns out your other 3 division mates all have the righty-power parks, then go in that direction. Otherwise, have a few guys that are decent small-ball players. Also, I would work toward a pitching staff that is strong and more or less ballpark neutral. A strong pitching staff with a few good lefty power hitters will hopefully allow you to steal a few games on the road while also pursuing your goal to take advantage of your park and go 60-21 at home.

Truth be told, if it were really my team, I would just go all in on the ballpark and hope for the best. But in a recent league I saw The Last Druid take the unusual strategy of adding Hank AAron and Willie McCovey to a small-ball team to account for other parks in his division and he absolutely crushed it, winning 111 games. But that might only work with is virtuosic touch. I would be more blunt and just try to ram the home-field advantage down everyone's throats.

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