Hit and Run-Good Strategy??

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Hit and Run-Good Strategy??

PostFri Oct 16, 2020 12:54 am

I just started my 13th league last night. Because I think the sacrifice bunt is bad strategy in real baseball I try to avoid it in SOM. However, I have no clue about the hit and run. I tried searching the index and it did not work well.

It seems like most batters have poor ratings for both bunting and Hit&Run. I have occasionally seen triples and I think a home run on the hit & run. So do experienced players use it and what are the setting?



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Re: Hit and Run-Good Strategy??

PostSat Oct 17, 2020 4:42 pm

I don't know if it's good strategy or not to be honest. However, here's my settings I use for all of my teams:

Team Strategy: Hit & Run set to Normal

Hitters Prefs: Hit & Run Don't for all batters unless they are rated B. Rarely, if I have a weak hitter who is a B and there is a good base stealer ahead of him in the lineup, I'll check More.

Incidentally, I believe (if I'm wrong, someone please correct me) half of the time, the play result comes off of the pitcher's card. However, all walk and strikeout readings are changed to groundout runners advance one base. That's how you get unexpected results like a homerun. The Hit & Run chart is used the other half of the time.


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Re: Hit and Run-Good Strategy??

PostSat Oct 17, 2020 5:48 pm

The time to use these strategies are with otherwise weak Hitters---a 1M to .5M sub (in 20XX) that can H&R or bunt gives you a little more value---H&R can stay out of a DP, and bunters that can run have a chance to beat it out for a single, but bunting for a hit has been taken out of online, mostly it is sacrifice or squeeze only now.

Half the rolls are still on the pitcher card, but all K and BB or GBa are now out with runner advancing.

B is the best H&R rating, but it goes up to A with the infield in or runners held--(the opposite for bunting with infield in) if the roll is on the hitter card you read the H&R chart.

A hits .267, B hits .250, even C is OK with a .200 low OB hitter. If you have a pitcher that gives up a lot of hits and a weak hitter that can H&R, that's the best time. I often set my H&R aggressive, and check do not H&R on most guys, leaving just the one or two weak guys on the team that can H&R active.

Bunting is less helpful--but has it's spots also--especially in noDH leagues.

The bad is the missed pitch and forced steal. 6 of 36 with A rated guy, 8 of 36 with B--so a B guy hits .250 and misses the pitch 25% of the time too.


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Re: Hit and Run-Good Strategy??

PostSat Oct 17, 2020 5:54 pm

I have gone with extra conservative setting with my recent teams and wound up near the top in hit-and-run attempts! (At least with some and nowhere the bottom like you would expect)

I dont see any indication that this setting impacts the game or if it does only minimally.

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