Inside the park HR Attempt

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Inside the park HR Attempt

PostFri Jun 26, 2020 11:03 pm

I had to do a double take while watching my game today and reviewing the play-by-play:

0 L.Roberts 2 Fly Out b-0 F9
1 R.Yount 6 TRIPLE b-0 F9
2 P.Molitor 6 Fly Out b-0 F9

Initially, I thought that Robin Yount got thrown out trying to tag up on Paul Molitor's flyball for the third out. Upon further review, Yount tried to stretch his triple to an inside-the-park HR for the second out.

My questions to all is:
1) How often does this happen?
2) How does HAL decide when to attempt this? In this case, Yount has a running rating of 1-16 against Kirby Puckett with a -4 arm. Yount's team was losing 7-2 at this point in the game.

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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Re: Inside the park HR Attempt

PostSat Jun 27, 2020 4:38 am

I've had a few inside the park HR that I've noticed, and probably more that I didn't---It's obvious if a weak power hitter that hit 0 for the season gets a HR. If someone like Trout gets an inside the park HR it can slip by quite easily if you don't pay close attention to play by play.

It's usually a 16 or 17 runner and a weaker arm too --but a 60% chance of scoring a run is good--though not trailing by that much--I guess it depends on how aggressive you set your running as to the frequency that HAL will try--but there is always a small chance the AI will try even with a conservative setting.

It is part of maximum rules in the windows version of the game--most of the maximum rules apply to the on-line version of the game, but you just don't see it. In the windows version of the game, if you are managing a team, the AI will ask you if you want to try, and give you the odds of scoring too.

I use aggressive running often, but still I only notice an attempt at a inside the park HR probably only one or two times a season on average.

I'm sure if you have a speed demon lineup with a lot of triples and aggressive running you will see a few more attempts than I usually do.

The AI just goes by your running setting and a percentage--it is just a random number generator I assume, and if it falls inside that small window it will try.


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Re: Inside the park HR Attempt

PostMon Jun 29, 2020 7:20 pm

Thanks milleram for the response.

My team was actually the team on the field with Puckett in CF. I don't know the settings which triggered HAL to go for it, but glad that it happened :D

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