Garcia's Blog 4/4/2018- Baseball Daily 2018 is Live!

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Garcia's Blog 4/4/2018- Baseball Daily 2018 is Live!

PostWed Apr 04, 2018 3:42 pm

Hey guys,

As the title says, Baseball Daily is launched and available to create a team with!

Of course, the most curious part of the set is the introduction to Shohei Ohtani, the SP/DH of the Angels. We have been able to create two separate cards for him - one as a pitcher, and one as a hitter. Only one of them may be owned and played at a time. However, if you own one of his cards, you have the exclusive option of dropping it and picking up the other one, though it would count as a regular free agent transaction, including drop penalty. It's the same as how ATG generally works when a player has more than one card in the set.

Another change we have made is for injuries. Last year, position players with an injury frequency of 1 were protected from suffering injuries longer than 3 additional days. This year, this protection has been expanded to include position players with an injury frequency of 2 as well. This mostly helps catchers who were being unfairly injured for a lengthier amount of time when they were healthy and on the active roster in real life.

As a reminder, here are the other rules that are specific to Baseball Daily.

Baseball Daily Rules

- Gameplay is the same as any other Baseball 365 player set except that player cards change every day and player ratings may change throughout the season.

- Cards will change based on players’ recent results, their season stats, projected stats, and how far through the MLB season is. Since time is a factor, cards may change even when the player doesn’t play. Injured players, a player sent to the minors, or a player who just has a day off will likely see their card change. Players who are no longer on a team’s 40-man roster will have their last card from when they were on the 40-man roster copied forward every day until they go back on a 40-man roster.

- We mentioned player ratings may change. This means a player’s fielding, error, running, injury, bunt, hit & run, stealing, throwing, passed ball, endurance, wild pitch, balk, hold, closer, and pitcher hitting ratings may change. All other ratings should stay consistent throughout the season.

- Salaries will remain constant for your league. Even though cards and player values are changing, salaries will not change through the remainder of the season.

- Injured players are still available for you to use as your team will experience their own injuries as normal during the course of a Baseball 365 season. Injured players will see their injury rating increased to possibly as high as the maximum (6), while other ratings such as fielding, endurance, and others may change significantly as well. The Super-Advanced Injury System is the default injury system for Baseball Daily.

- No pitchers will be rated as * pitchers. This means all starters must have 4 days rest between starts. However a 4-man rotation will still be allowed in the playoffs using the Baseball Daily playoff schedule.

- Once launched, cards are scheduled to officially update at 9am ET and new players are scheduled to be added to the player set (including free agent pools for all existing leagues) at 12pm ET, although some rare circumstances may call for a delay with these times. We do our best to post informational updates in these cases.

- When new players are added to the player set at 12pm ET on a given day, they are available to all existing leagues on a first-come, first-served basis. It's a frenzy starting at this time, not a waiver system for these players.

- In the event where circumstances would prevent us from posting new cards for a given day, we would proceed to play that night's games using the most recent cards that we've officially posted.

Baseball Daily FAQ

Q: If a player goes 2-4 on opening day, will his card show a .500 batting average?

A: No, cards are initially based heavily on projections. Current season stats and recent performance (hot/cold) get added in as well but how many PA/IP they have and at what point of the season it is also make a difference.

Q: One of my players has an injury on one side of the card but not the other!!

A: Although this doesn't happen with regular card sets, these cards need to be computed daily without any manual intervention. That means that you may see oddities such as this one where the computer program ran into an error and was not able to place a certain reading such as an injury. As a new card is created every day, you may see an injury rating missing for one day but go right back on the next.

Q: Will the add/drop deadline still exist even though our player's value might tank before the playoffs?

A: Yes, the deadline for Baseball Daily leagues will still be Game 142. Part of the player set's strategy should be to hold enough bench players to withstand injuries and declining cards as you prepare for your playoff run.

Q: Will the cards at the end of the year be the same as the 2018 card set released next year?

A: No, these cards likely won't look anything like next year's card set. The formula to create Baseball Daily cards is trying to accurately portray the ability of that player every day of the season. So, if a player goes into a cold streak that will be portrayed in his Daily Card until he breaks out of it. For example, if a player such as Albert Pujols goes April without hitting a home run, it doesn't mean he can't do it. His HR% on the card would shrink every day a new card is created but he still will have a chance to homer because he still has the ability to do so, it's just perhaps less than it was to start the season.

We've been getting quite a few e-mails the last few days asking about the launch date so we know a number of you are excited to get going!

One other mention for today, the Barnstormers Tournament is still taking sign-ups for anyone who wants to join and get in on the action! Up to 162 users and counting! If interested, make sure to check out the thread in detail and contact mighty moose with any questions.



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