Garcia's Blog 1/18/18- New ATG Players!

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Garcia's Blog 1/18/18- New ATG Players!

PostThu Jan 18, 2018 3:19 pm

Hey guys,

The 25 new ATG players are finally in! George Sisler and Harry Heilmann lead the group and both come in at over $10 milion. Another '20s player, Goose Goslin, is the 3rd highest priced hitter in the new group at $9.51 million.

Over on the pitchers side, a few new relievers have been added. Recent players Kevin Millwood and Ian Kennedy represent some new starter additions as well.

As always, these players won't be added to existing leagues and only will be available for new teams. If your team is in a league that hasn't drafted yet, you could leave your league to add these players to roster and then join back in.

The spreadsheet has also been updated. You can find that here.

Over to some other news, gameplay time has gotten back to more normal levels after our website problems right after New Years. Many of you noticed that games were taking hours to play but we have been able to straighten that out.

Of course we have also been able to get our website running back to normal after that time as well. While it is back to normal we are still planning on moving to a more permanent server environment soon with added protections in. We will let you know when that will occur.

We also got a couple of questions about Rookie Leagues to our inbox and have already made an improvement to them. While most of you won't even see Rookie Leagues, we have created these for our new members to start getting their feet wet and used to the game before they take on some of our more experienced players. These leagues are Auto Leagues only open to users with a Prospect or Rookie manager level (basically, anyone under 1,000 wins with their completed teams).

These leagues will also include 'bot' auto-drafted teams that get them filled quicker and new players into leagues faster. Up to 6 'bot' teams can be entered into any one Rookie League. The improvement we made was to ensure that the 'bot' teams are balanced between each division. 'Bot' teams are added at 12pm ET on Tuesday and Friday to each Rookie league that's still open and does not already have 6 bot teams in it. Enough of these teams are added to reach 6 or to finish filling the league, whichever comes first. They don't make any roster moves or respond to messages, they are just auto-run teams.

That's all I have for now. Please e-mail us with any questions to!


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