Garcia's Blog 10/26/17- ATG New Players

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Garcia's Blog 10/26/17- ATG New Players

PostThu Oct 26, 2017 2:09 pm

Hey guys,

They're here! 50 new players have been added to the ATG game as voted on by you guys. The Tampa Bay Rays finally get their representation plus many other great cards including a new Barry Bonds, Mickey Mantle, Sammy Sosa, Robinson Cano. 23 pitchers are represented among the 50 including Derek Lowe, Tim Hudson, and some elite reliever cards including Wade Davis, Fernando Rodney, and the normally un-hittable Kenley Jansen. Jansen's right-side is blank! No on base chances except through the X-chart.

In addition to the new players, 2 new stadiums have also been added! 1927 Yankee Stadium is finally added along with Tropicana Field 2008.

As always, these players/stadiums won't be added to existing leagues and only will be available for new teams. If your team is in a league that hasn't drafted yet, you could leave your league to add these players to roster and then join back in.

The spreadsheet has also been updated. You can find that here.

While this group of players has just been added, get your voice heard for the next group! Discussions have already begun on which players should be added so make sure you get in on the action by going to the forum here.

For Football 365, work is being done on adding Live Draft and Game Replay to the game. Both are currently being worked on and we hope to have them as soon as we can although we're still at least a few weeks away from either.

For those that missed it and are interested, we did run a simulation of the World Series using the Baseball Daily player set. So far, we have predicted winner of both of the first two games correctly although Game 2 was just a bit harder for the Astros than we thought. If you're interested you can find that here.

That's all I have for today but hope everyone enjoys the remainder of the World Series!! If anyone has any question, as always, please e-mail us at!


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