Garcia's Blog 9/7/17- Football 365

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Garcia's Blog 9/7/17- Football 365

PostThu Sep 07, 2017 3:30 pm

Hey guys,

Just in time for the New England/Kansas City kickoff tonight, today we are extending the Strat-O-Matic 365 family and launching Football 365!!

You'll first notice that your credit display a baseball and football number. Then when you click on Start on a New Team, you'll have the option to create either a baseball or football team. Choosing football will you bring you to either create a free trial team or purchase a new member special and then you're off!!

First, it's important to note that Football does have it's own separate credit structure. Baseball credits cannot be transferred into football credits and football won't be able to be transferred into baseball. However, since football does have it's own structure everyone is eligible for the free trial and and the New Member Special. The cost of a single credit is $9.99 and a 5-pack is $39.99. The New Member Special will be 2 credits for the price of 1, $9.99.

For now, Football 365 will only have an Auto-List Draft. Each team drafts 19 players skill position players (QB, HB, FB/BB, TE, FL, and SE) and then 4 team units (Off Line, Def Line, Linebackers, Def Backs) with a default salary cap of $140 million. Backups are all higher priced than the baseball game so the default salary cap is also much higher. The team units should not be overlooked as they are obviously a large part of the game and make up your entire defense!

Once you fill out your draft list, rank your players just like you would for the baseball game and then create or join a new league!

Once the league is drafted and is in pre-season mode, you have the opportunity to start creating your strategy and making waiver moves.

First, set your starters.

Now the biggest difference between Football 365 and Baseball 365 is that usage matters. If players are on pace to become overused they will come down with a Questionable or Doubtful designation and may miss the upcoming game because of it. During the season, make sure to note this, and remove the player from your lineup if necessary. Don't forget to add them back once they are rested though!

There are 12 different offensive schemes to choose from and 16 different defensive schemes. Each one has their own pluses and minuses and you have to balance focusing on your team's strengths compared to your opponent's weaknesses. From there you have the option to change offensive tendencies on how often you want to run the ball and throw downfield. Your defensive tendency options are the Pass/Run Ratio, and how often you want to blitz, double-team and key the running back. All of these tendencies are first bsaed upon the scheme that you choose and then are adjusted from there.

League setup will have 2-divisions of 6-teams each. During the regular season, games will run every night for a full 16-game season. Playoffs will then take the two divisions winners plus one wild card team from each division. The division opponents will play each other before the winners take each other on for the championship. The prize credits will remain 2 credits for the winner of the championship game and 1 credit for the runner-up.

The full list of game rules for Football 365 can be found here:

Also, a new forum has been created here for all things Football 365 related:

We're pretty excited to be launching this and I know some of you are too based on the inquiries we have received on this over the years.

Please send any questions you have to Enjoy the new game everyone!


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