Garcia's Blog 6/2/17- Friday Nights SP Glitch

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Garcia's Blog 6/2/17- Friday Nights SP Glitch

PostFri Jun 02, 2017 6:13 pm

Hey guys,

As everyone saw on Friday we had a problem where starting pitchers were not identified correctly by the computer manager. It's unfortunate that this bug came up but we hope that since that is has we can put in safeguards that will prevent this from happening in the future.

Luckily these bugs are few and far between but, even if it's rare, any time something like this does show up it's of course a problem for anyone who had an active team going. That's why we are offering a credit for any team that misses out on the playoffs due to the glitch. So any team that misses out on the playoffs and finishes within 3 games of either your division winner or the wild card can write to us and we'll give you a credit.

This includes all teams whose leagues just started last week, if you team eventually misses out on the playoffs by 3 or less games please let us know.

If you made the playoffs but were unable to start your top starting pitchers due to the glitch and then lose in the playoffs, we can also offer you a credit. Just write in to let us know.

We apologize for the glitch and are happy to give a credit to anyone who may have lost out specifically due to this.

Quickly in other news, a new group of ATG players were voted on recently. We are still a couple weeks away from adding them but we have the list and are working on getting them into the set.

Also, we again ran a monthly lottery so 5 users have won a free credit just for playing Baseball 365! Congrats to the following users!

O's Forever

If anyone has any questions please let us know at!


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