Garcia's Blog 5/19/17- Auto List Draft Process

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Garcia's Blog 5/19/17- Auto List Draft Process

PostFri May 19, 2017 4:23 pm

Hey guys,

Over the last couple weeks we've had a few questions from users asking to clarify the auto list draft process and how the rankings are used.

Below is what it says in the rules regarding the draft:

The Auto List Draft uses the following logic to draft the teams:

-If a player was selected by only one team, that team gets him.
-If a player was selected by more than one team:
The team that ranked that player highest gets him.
-If more than one team tied for ranking that player the highest:
That player is randomly awarded to one of those teams that ranked him the same.
-For each team that lost out on a player:
The team receives the next highest-priced available player that is not on another team's draft card and has the same primary position of the original player that the team lost out on. The player received cannot exceed the original player's salary unless no other players remain at or below the original player's salary.

Team ATeam BTeam C
1. Sandy Koufax $11.03M1. Reggie Jackson $7.46M1. Luis Aparicio $3.57M
2. Al Rosen $5.18M2. Al Rosen $5.18M2. Reggie Jackson $7.46M
3. Pie Traynor $5.13M3. Chief Bender $3.72M3. Al Rosen $5.18M

We start with all the players that were selected by only one team. Team A gets Sandy Koufax and Pie Traynor, Team B gets Chief Bender, and Team C gets Luis Aparicio, because each of these teams were the only ones that chose these respective players.

Reggie Jackson was chosen by both Teams B and C. Team B would win out on Jackson because they had him ranked #1, and Team C would get the next highest-priced available player who plays rightfield as his primary position. The replacement player they receive would not be on any other team's draft card.

Al Rosen was chosen by all 3 teams. Teams A and B both had him ranked #2, so he would go to one of those teams randomly. Let's say he goes to Team A. Team B would get the next highest-priced available player who plays third base as his primary position. Team C would get the next third baseman after that.

Now, to be clear, the draft is not a linear draft that leagues may use when drafting on the forums. There is no draft order. Here's another example using a Daily League. Their draft cards may look like this:

Team A

Team B

The first thing that happens is all players who were only listed on one team's card are awarded to their teams. In this 2-team draft, Team A would automatically be awarded Judge and Martin and Team B, Thames, and Arrieta. Then the two teams are left with:

Team A:
Zimmerman- 2
Jansen- 5

Team B: 

Then, the draft awards players who ranked a player higher than all others who listed them on their card. So, Zimmerman would get awarded to Team B since they listed him 1st compared and A listed him 2nd. Team A would then get awarded a replacement player, Jefry Marte.

Since Sale is listed on both team's cards as the 3rd ranked player, the game then randomly awards Sale to one of the two teams. The player previously drafted by either team don't matter, it's completely random. I flipped a coin and Sale went to Team A, with Team B receiving a replacement player. The same exact thing happens for Jansen. The game again randomly awards Jansen to a team. I flipped a coin and again Sale went to Team A, with Team B receiving a replacement player. 

The players could have been randomly awarded to either team. If Sale went to Team B, Jansen would still have an equal chance to go to either Team A or Team B. 

Hope that helps! Please e-mail any questions you have to us at!


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