Garcia's Blog 4/27/17- Bullpen Usage

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Garcia's Blog 4/27/17- Bullpen Usage

PostThu Apr 27, 2017 3:39 pm

Hey guys,

I got a great question into the support e-mail the other day about bullpen usage. Specifically, why a bad pitcher was not only brought into a game but then left in long enough to use it. I know there's also a thread on the forum about this situation also. The main reason comes down to settings and having a short bullpen.

First, the situation. Here's the link to the game itself, game 7 of a semi-finals series. The home team fell behind 5-4 in the 7th inning and in comes $.65 Hi Bell. Although he managed to get out of the 7th, Bell gave up 5 runs over the next 2 innings to make sure his team didn't advance to the finals.

Of course, at first glance this appears to be a terrible move by the computer manager. All relievers are rested and Bell is clearly the worst reliever on the team. However there is a logical explanation for why Bell came into the game and then why he was left in to ensure defeat.

This team starts out with 5 relievers, 3 RP-only guys and 2 SP/RP. However the two SP/RP were both listed in the rotation for this team, effectively removing them from relief consideration. That immediately shortens the bullpen to a 3-man group. Already this could cause trouble as relievers will tire from usage in consecutive games and either the game will generally be forced to go to them at F0 or poor pitchers will be required to pitch an extended number of innings. Luckily here the 3 relievers are all fresh.

Next, Jay Witasick is set as the closer and this team has the closer usage setting on Maximize, meaning the game tries to save Witasick for a save situation if possible. He was not considered to come out of the bullpen in the 7th for that reason. Now we're down to 2 potential relievers. Dave Giusti's (the remaining reliever other than Bell) top role is set as the Set-Up man, which did not match the situation with the team now down a run. So the game turned to Bell.

That's why Bell was forced in to duty here, the settings told the CM to avoid using all other pitchers and Bell is the only remaining reliever left.

Once Bell was in, the Do Not Remove Before setting was set to F8. Bell never reached F8 so the computer manager did not remove him. The Do Not Remove Before setting is generally the most influential setting in the pitcher preferences. The game will listen to this and not take the pitcher out until they fatigue enough to match or drop below the designated rating.

We always strongly encourage gamers to not use the Do Not Remove Before setting unless you are sure you always want this pitcher in until they begin to tire. Even then, we suggest using the F8 setting or they will be forced to stay in until fatigued even further. Be very careful when setting this on pitchers!!

In specific series-ending games such as this, we again strongly suggest removing restrictions so the computer manager can go to the best pitcher when necessary. A Game 7 will be the only game simmed for your team that night. If you win, you will be able to re-set all settings on your pitchers so they will be used as normal in the next series. However if you want to make sure you're not limiting the CM in a certain game, make sure to remove the restrictions!

I hope this clears up some of the decisions that the CM manager makes. If anyone has any questions please e-mail us at!


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