Garcia's Blog 3/19/17- 2017 Barnstormers Tournament

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Garcia's Blog 3/19/17- 2017 Barnstormers Tournament

PostSun Mar 19, 2017 9:14 pm

Hey guys,

Sunday night blog this week! A couple of items today while the first weekend of the basketball tournament wraps up.

First thing is a change we'll be making to draft requirements. Starting tomorrow, all teams will be required to add two primary position catchers to their draft card for it to be legal. Previously, only two catchers were required, regardless of primary position. Occasionally this led to a team missing out on a second catcher due to missing out on the catcher with a different primary position and being awarded a replacement player who doesn't catch. Forcing two primary catchers will solve that occasional problem.

Second item is that the Barnstormers Tournament has begun taking sign-ups for the 2017 Tour! We talk about this every so often here but the Barnstormers is one of the 3 tournaments that are held during the year. Barnstormers uses the ATG player set. Anyone can join and compete in this tournament that spans six, non-elimination events. Five events are required but playing in all six allows your lowest score to be dropped. At the end of the six events, the top nine managers automatically advance to the Finals while the next 48 compete in the SemiFinals and a chance to move on.

The Finals Champion receives up to $300 worth in tickets to a game of their favorite MLB team, a copy of either the Strat-O-Matic Windows or Board Game, plus the opportunity to add the five cards of their choosing to the ATG player set!

The Finals Runner-Up will receive up to $150 worth in tickets to the MLB game of their choice!

At least the top 45 managers who advance to the Finals or Semi-Finals leagues also receive an extra free Baseball 365 credit. Of course, this is in addition to any credits won during normal competition. The number who receives credits will jump up to 57 managers if the tournament gets at least 150 members so make sure to get your name on the sign-up sheet to have a chance to compete for the prizes!

To sign-up please e-mail the Tournament Commissioner mighty moose at You can also add your name to the forum thread here.

Mighty Moose has mentioned that the following changes will be made to this year's tournament:

The following changes will be in effect for this year.

1. Points will continue to accumulate for playoff WINS, not just regular season wins.
2. The Division Winners in each league will get 2 additional points (down from 5)
3. The Wild Card Winner in each league will get 1 additional point (down from 5)
4. No points will be awarded for advancing to the Finals (down from 5)
5. The World Series winner will get 5 additional points (down from 10)

As before, the Top 9 players in points will advance directly to the Final League.

The next 24 players (10-33) will go to 2 - 12 team Semi-Finals with the winner taking a spot in the finals.

The next 24 players (34-57) will go to a - 24 team Semi-Finals with the winner taking the final spot in the finals.

After much debate over the 200 Mil event - we will continue with playing each of the standard CAPS - 60-80-100-140-200 with 2 100 Mil. events, one DH and one NO DH.

The tournament opens in early April so make sure to get your name in now!!

That's all I have for this week but if anyone has any questions on the tournament, draft card change, or anything else please let us know at Talk to everyone soon!


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