Frenzy leagues now draft at 11pm ET when filled, for now

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Frenzy leagues now draft at 11pm ET when filled, for now

PostWed Aug 29, 2012 1:17 pm

Effective immediately, a league designated as a "Frenzy" league (i.e. no waivers) will officially have its draft run at 11pm ET after it fills, at which point the Frenzy begins (i.e. all undrafted players become available as free agents on a first come, first served basis). This is to eliminate the previous confusion and unpredictability of the frenzy option we've had since the transition to

We are working on the ability to schedule different Frenzy times and hope to have it available for you soon.

Veterans of SOM Baseball Online may recall that this fixed Frenzy time was the situation we had for a while on before we introduced scheduled Frenzies, except then it used to be midnight ET. We've changed it to 11pm ET to make it easier to reference the date of the event, as well as to clarify that Friday night Frenzies will start their season 3 nights later on the immediately following Monday.

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