ATG 8: Japanese/Cuban Players

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ATG 8: Japanese/Cuban Players

PostMon Jun 16, 2014 8:39 am

Hey guys,

We have carefully read your feedback regarding the addition of Japanese and Cuban ballplayers to ATG. Although we are disappointed in the reaction, we have decided not to add them to the new set. If enough users are interested we may be able to add those 30 players as an "ATG +" Player Set but when we launch we will do so without them.

We would never have considered adding these players to begin with if we felt they did not represent Baseball History. Although baseball in Cuba and Japan is different than baseball here, the game here has changed and evolved. Play in 1880 is not the same as it was in 1930 nor in 1968 nor in 1998. These Cuban players and Japanese seasons were carefully researched and evaluated to create Major League Equivalence factors to create cards that would integrate seamlessly into our current Major League rosters for those seasons. For example, although Sadaharu Oh hit 51 home runs in Japan during the 1973 season, his card reflects only 29. Players such as Sadaharu Oh and Omar Linares are among the best ballplayers in baseball history, regardless of where they played.

Having said that, again we have taken your feedback into consideration and will not launch ATG 8 with these players. We will consider an "ATG +" or ATG "Unleashed" if enough users would want to be able to play with them. If you are interested in that please speak up and let us know!


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